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How do you Recharge ac on 2001 Ford Focus?

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July 13, 2012 9:24PM

R 134A freon is added into the "quick connect type" fiiting, located on top of the AC accumulator, which is located underneath the front of the passenger side fenderwell. First, raise the car with your jack placed behind the front tire. Then remove three screws that secure the black plastic fenderwell cover. One screw has a torx head and is located at the front lower edge of the fender. The other two are Phillips head plastic screws located in front of the strut. With the three cover screws removed, pull down the front portion of the fenderwell cover. This will expose the AC accumulator, which looks like a quart sized aluminun can. Now, unscrew the valve cover from the quick connect fitting and connect your AC recharging hose to the fitting. By the way, it pushes on and snaps onto the fitting. Now, follow the instructions that came with your AC recharge kit, for the dtermining the corrct amount of freon to add. Finally, replace the fitting valve cover, the fenderwell cover/screws and your done.

It would be nice to say start your engine and let it run with the pressure gauge for a few minutes and then add accordingly. When I first hooked it up, it maxed out with pressure. But I started engine and it came back down into normal status. I did add pressure/freon up to where I believe max should be (gauge shows a max) but i brought it down just a little for safetly.