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How do you Remove battery from a 1995 Corvette?

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October 29, 2005 1:43PM

The small side body panel has to be removed so.... behind the drivers side tire you will remove2 or 3 bolts, look close not sure on the count, you will also see a couple tabs where the hood meets this panel, remove those bolts as well, look under the panel also to see if there are 2 bolts, for I have seen some c4's have lower bolts and others will snap in towards the lower portion, then carefully remove the panel, unbolt the battery negative terminal first, and slide it out from the side. clock and radio presets are the only "reprogramming" you have to do, hypertech power programming will remain current...My best advise is be very careful removing the body side panel, it is very fragile, dont force it, if it does not come right off, you have missed a bolt, good luck.....Kenny W. A 10mm ratchet wrench will come in handy.