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How do you Replace brake light 1997 Honda CR-V?


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October 01, 2007 9:43PM

Real easy. Lift the rear glass and swing open the rear hatch to expose the vertical row of screws on both left and right lens assemblies. Use a #2 Philips screwdriver to undo the 3 screws on the lens assembly where the problem bulb is located. Pull the inboard side of the lens assembly rearward slightly then tug on it toward the centre of the car. This will dissengage the 3 pins from the body and the assembly will now dangle from the various bulb wires. You will see 3 bulb sockets. The bottom is for the backup light, the middle is for the running/brake lights and the top is for the turn signal. To change the middle one which has the running/brake light bulb, grasp the socket where the 3 wires enter and turn counterclockwise until the resistance stops. Then withdraw the bulb. Replace with a #7443 bulb($5.96 for 2 @Walmart) by pulling the old one straight out and pushing a new one straight in. Test before reassembly. Then reverse the dissasembly instructions.