How do you Siphon Gas from a 1996 Corolla?

You Are Correct You Just Do It. A Little Practice And You Get It Done. But I Suggest You Visit This Web Site It Gives You The Science Involved And A Good Way To Siphon. I don't know... you just DO IT very carfuly with a tube Pretty lame. I own a 1996 Geo Prism - which is the same as a Corolla. Because of some sort of anti-siphon valve, it's not possible to get a siphon hose inserted all the way to the tank. I'm sure the Corolla is the same. What I suggest you do is to open the fuel line at the fuel filter - which should be behind the firewall at the driver side front wheel. If you have the car on an incline, the gas tank should drain out through the hose. Good luck, though. Accessing the fuel filter isn't an easy task either.