How do you Tell good hash from bad hash?

High quality hashish, regardless of whether it is black, hand rubbed charas, or blonde and lightly pressed, is easily identified. It will have a smooth, glossy exterior, but when broken will appear rough and granular. It is a hard solid at room tempurature, but in the heat of the hand becomes soft and malleable easily. It can be worked by hand into long, thin snakes, which shatter when cooled, and melts with the heat of a flame. If ignited, it holds a flame, and when smoked leaves pure white ash. The flavour is pleasant and peppery, and the smoke aromatic and potent. Low quality hash can take many forms. Heavily adulterated "soap bar", commonly found in the UK, is hard, dark in colour, does not crumble easily even when heated, and leaves dirty, gritty ash. Bad Afghan is often very soft due to the adulterants included. Spoiled charas often has visible streaks of white mold. In any case, low quality or stale hash will lack the characteristic sheen of the good stuff, will not be both easily molded with the hands and also be hard when cool, will leave brown, grey, gritty or hard ash, and will have inferior taste and potency.