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How do you access Windows shares from Linux?

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You can type in smb// into a file manager window (put the windows computers IP address in there though)

2007-10-05 05:49:09
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Can Windows talk to Linux directly?

I'm not sure what you mean by "directly." Data can be transferred between the two through many protocols. Most networking protocols are platform-agnostic, meaning they can be sent and received on any network-capable operating system. If Linux has a Samba client installed, it can access files made available on a Windows share. If Windows has an NFS client installed, it can access Linux / Unix NFS shares.

Why is Linux a virus free operating system?

No there are Linux malware in the wild. However, there are fewer when compared to Windows and access to the operating system is more difficult than it is for Windows.

Can a C or CPP program compiled on Linux run on Windows and vice-versa assuming that both the OSs are loaded in and can run on the same machine?

No. Windows and Linux have different APIs and ABIs for programs to access. You cannot run Linux binaries on Windows, and you can only run Windows binaries on Linux if you have Wine installed.

What command line utility can be used to access Samba and Windows shares?

smbtree: Display Window SharesThe smbtree utility displays a hierarachical diagram of available shares.Answer: smbclient: Connects To Windows SharesThe smbclient utility functions similarly to ftp and connects to a Windows share

How do you access a Linux partition from Windows XP?

There are programs you can download that will read Linux file systems. Common file systems are ext2 and ext3.

What are the similarities and differences between the way in which Windows and Linux manage processes?

Linux allows full access to the source code. Windows does not. The command line has always proven useful when altering software. Windows differs from Linux in command line limitations as well. Linux provides a centralized location in which software and application can be controlled.

What is the role of samba in Linux network?

Samba is the open source implementation of Microsoft's "Server Message Block" protocol. This is the protocol Windows uses for file and print sharing. Samba is therefore primarily meant for interoperability between Linux and Windows on the same network so Windows can access shares on a Linux machine. Samba is also useful for non-Windows devices that only ever assume what you will run is Windows on your network. Consumer-level media devices like Blu-Ray players that allow streaming of media from your computer are especially guilty of this.

What kind of multiprocessing do Windows and Linux do?

Preemptive (both Windows and Linux).

What are the examples of a Windows and Linux operating systems?

Windows = Windows 8 Linux = Ubuntu 14.04

Is seven an example of a windows and a Linux operating system?

7 is an example of Windows. But Linux is not Windows and there is no "Linux 7." Linux is a completely different operating system and has nothing to do with Microsoft.

What are three email applications and the operating systems on which they are used?

word star - linux framework - solaris access - windows

Which is more secure Windows or Linux?

Linux is considered to be more secure than Windows.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Vista Business?

Vista Home Premium : Not Linux! Get linux! Vista Business : Not Linux! Get linux!

How do you Access MS Access from C?

You do not access MS Access from C you do it from windows by using MS Access api calls. MS Access does not run on a computer running Linux, QNX or DOS etc. but they can all be programmed in C

What are the differences between Windows nd and windows Linux?

There is no such thing as "Windows Linux." Linux is not a version of Windows and has nothing at all to do with Windows. They are two totally completely different operating systems made by completely different people.

How do you install windows when you have Linux?

By using the Windows partitioner to make space by reszing partitions and installing Windows, then reinstalling the Linux bootloader. It is generally considered better form to install Windows first and then Linux.

Which better between windows and Linux?

Windows is better for desktop computers. Linux is better for servers.

Windows you is an upgrade of Windows?

No, windows me is an upgrade of windows. Use linux.

Why does my external hard drive work in Linux but not in Windows?

The most likely reason is that the drive was formatted with a Linux file system. Reformatting the drive to NTFS or FAT32 will make the drive usable in Windows. You could also install an ext4 driver in Windows to access the drive without reformatting it.

Which server application is better Linux or Windows 2008?


In what way is Linux security more secure than Windows security?

Currently, Linux is less secure than Windows in most regards, due to the SSL certificate authority Linux uses selling secure information to other organizations. However, Linux is still more secure than Windows in that the security problems Linux has are less serious than the security problems Windows has. Windows is more exploitable than Linux.

Can you install Linux and keep Windows?

Yes, install Windows first, then whichever distribution of Linux you want second.

What is the name for joined windows and Linux operating systems?

There are no "joined" Linux and Windows operating systems, so there is no name for them.

What are the advantages of windows in Linux?

Your question is rather cryptic. Do you mean Microsoft Windows, leading to dual-booting Windows and Linux? Please expand your question.

What service is activated to allow Windows operating system users to access files on a Linux server?

There is no single service or protocol that does this. For compatibility with Windows, some servers may allow access via the SMB protocol. The implementation on Linux is known as "Samba." However, other methods for accessing files on a server are possible, such as via FTP or HTTP.