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How do you act hot?

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What is a hot texting game?

when you act hot but in txt form

What grows faster a plant in hot or cold water?

Hot because hot water could act as sunlight

How may a boy act like a girl?

Hot dog balls Hot dog balls

How do hot fluids act in metamorphism?

Fuuk u

Samsung s4 will not act as hot spot with straight talk?

If your Samsung S4 is unable to act as hot spot with Straight Talk, simply check your network settings.

How can you be hot?

To be hot act cute wear cute clothes and make new hair styles and makeup.:)

How can you get yourself on a reality show?

be hot and stupid and act well

How does an endotherm act when too hot?

it jumps off a cliff

Would a plant grow faster with cold or hot water?

Hot water because it could act as sunlight.

Will glue from hot glue act as an insulator aroung small wires?

iyt it realy depends on whast type of hot glue yoou use and how hot it is

Why do guys act Hot and cold?

That's the way we are we cant help it.

What is hot carl?

Note to Supers: urban slang for an inappropriate act.

What two forces act on the hot air balloon?

upthrust and gravity

What forces act on a hot air balloon?

Bouyancy, pressure, and gravity.

Why do venders often serve hot choc-late in foam cups?

Because styrofoam cups act as an insulator, keeping the hot chocolate hot longer.

How can i look good at a beach?

if your a boy get abbs if your a girl were bikinis and act hot

What is the temperature in act 3 of romeo and Juliet?

"The day is hot, and the Capulets are abroad."

How can mountains form by folding?

when rocks are hot enough the act like a bendable plastic

How do animals act in summer?

They shed their fur in the summer so they won't be sweaty and hot.

Why does Benvolio think their will be a fight at the beginning of act 3?

The day is hot and the Capulets are abroad.

In scene 1 act 3 of Romeo and Juliet what does Mercutio accuse Benvolio of in scene 1 act 3 of Romeo and Juliet?

being hot-headed

Does the action force in a rocket engine act on the hot gases or on the rocket?

Both. The rocket is forced in one direction and the hot gasses are forced in the opposite direction.

How do you act if you have diarrhea?

Let me teach you how to act. Step 1 : act giddy Step 2: act like you are very hot and sweaty. Step 3: Try to look a little pale, act like you need the bathroom Step 4: Act like you want to lie down somewhere Step 5 : Act like you are in pain.

Why are emo boys so hott?

well they are because they act hot and cute and so adorablle

How do you get a pretty girl?

Do not tell her that she is hot. Say that she looks beautiful and act sincere. Don't be a jerk