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I think what you perhaps mean is the fact that your partner could be taking you for granted and you want to make him work a little more for your attention by becoming more independent and not needing to be around him as much. Many relationships hit that stone wall of one or the other (possibly both) taking each other for granted. Start seeing your friends and going out with them and having fun. Don't be afraid to go on a vacation if you get the chance and act independent and confident. Of course show some affection to your mate and communicate well, but men are usually more attracted to a woman when they aren't so sure they have her 100%. That doesn't include you flirting with other guys, but just sending a message to him that you are independent and don't need a man in your life if he doesn't treat you right. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you act like you don't care about your relationship?
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Why mans stop care about relationship?

Men really do care about relationships they just act like they dont to look tough. Also, it takes guys longer to get over a relationship then it is for a girl.

What if the guy you like knows you like him?

Act as though you dont care. Then either talk to him and come out to him face-to-face and see where the relationship could go from there or ignore him and don't do anything at all about it.

How do you act cool in primary school?

get a load of detentions and act like you dont care a word that the teacher is saying to you

Why does she act like she don't care about our relationship?

Actually he is not worth to be cared for. She cares but does not want to show.

Haw to make her want you?

First spell How right then talk to her tell her you like her and if she sayd i dont like you act like you dont care that she and she will start to like you werid but works

Why do girls care more about looks then guys?

Well girls will be girls and they always have to look their best to impress the guys. Most guys just think they dont need to look that good to impress a girl. some girls dont care about looks and some just dont want to look like bums cuz they dont like a guy and girls dont care more about there looks then guys they care about your personality if you act like a kid they wont like you if you act nice and actually care then they will like you but not like hold the door nice some girls might take that offecncive like there to week to open a door

How does a white American act?

like a wannabe black american lol they curse pretend they dont care about you or anyone else and only do care when it helps them

How do you act like you dont care for a person?

K. Now if you really do care for the person, but you dont wanna show it, you can do a couple of things. One, you can just hang with your friends a lot, get the person off your mind. Second, you can learn to not care. just act. its easy after a while. last, you can just care, but not show it until you get home.

What should you do if your girlfriend goes back to her ex husband?

nothing act like you dont care keep it coool

How do you make up with your friend?

First You HAve To Kiss There ehind Tell Them You Dont Care Act Like You Dont Care And They Wiil Try 2 Win You BAck Your Friend Ship. But That All I Gotsz To Say!!!!

If a guy dont care than why does he get pissed at you when you act out?

because in reality they do care, more than care they are in love.

How do you act if the girl you like rejects you?

Act like you don't care.

What if they don't like you?

no matter if it is a boy or a girl...confidance is everything. act like you dont even notice that they dont like you. you have to be able to talk without speeking...if they dont like you so what? there loss. they need to feel that. the more you dont care the more they will. seriously just try! good luck!

How do you get noticed by guys?

dress nicly take care of your self and be confedent and act like you are beutiful even if you arnt act like you are and flirt with other guys and get other men you dont like that much to get the guy you do like the most but dont make it known that u used them for that special guy

How do you act like you dont like a boy?

You just act like you act around every other boy you act .

Are hutch dano and Adam hicks really friends?

Ja i guess,i dont think anyone can act like that on tv and not have a relationship like that outside tv

How do you get her to want you back?

Well, act like you dont care anymore when they break up with you. Start as friends when you meet her to make an impression.

How do you act like you like someone?

if you dont like someone dont try to like someone. but if you need to then just picture them as someone you do like, and act like it is that person.

What are the difference's between professional and personal relationship with teachers in primary school?

Professional relationship is when they act like a teacher. Personal relationship is when they act like your friend or your mother or your girlfriend.

Why do guys act like they like you but other times act like they dont?

cuz there jerks.

What if i like a boy?

Try to be yourself and don't act like someone your not because if you hook up, your relationship will be a total lie. TRUST ME IT HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE DONT GET IN THIS MESS. BE WHO YOU ARE. ALSO DONT LET A BOY SEPARATE YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU.

How can you fix a broken relationship with someone you love but they say they don't love you but want be friends but doesnt act like it?

i say tell them the truth. the truth in a relationship is the most powerful thing, dont be scared, dont start drama, tell the truth.

What do you do when someone who you fancied finds out you love them?

just act casual about it like you dont care if they know. its the easiest thing to do. good luck x

You like this guy and you dont think he likes you how do you get him to or atleast hint to him you like him?

flirt with him and hang out just the two of you, if he is with his friends then he would act different like he doesn't care about you or like he doesn't even like you.

How can you get revenge on a guy who is trying to break up me and his best friends relationship?

as a female, i know it bothers you ALOT! but, act like you dont care. that simple. everytime you come across him, be lauging and talking to your friends or even better your new boyfriend. if your alone act like your on the phone with someone important. whatever you do, dont let him see you hurt! Also when you see him, speak to him happily. Make him THINK he did you a favor by walking away.