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there should already be software built into the laptop. Try typing webcam into start menu.


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You can play older computer games on older computers. Newer games require more capabilities than some machine have. You have to see the game requirement for individual games to know if your computer can play them.

Start > programs > Toshiba > media & entertainment > webcam

A person usually does not have to 'activate' a built in webcam. Usually, all they have to do, is have a webcam program that will open the webcam.

goto start and find the webcam file and open it

if its in built it should be working. if its not contact the seller

No need to activate it - just try typing «webcam» in the Start menu; it should give you the option to run the webcam application.

You have a necessary software on Toshiba web site see the link below

Just go on to MSN or something like Scyp and your done! It will activate its self! Thanks for asking :)

i**** 1. go on skype and your webcam will be all ready activated

You can activate the webcam on Toshiba Satellite L745 by looking for the Web Camera Application. You'll find that by going to:Start--> All Programs--> Toshiba--> Media & EntertainmentOn some models, it maybe in Toshiba--> Tools & Utilities

A Toshiba c600 is a laptop notebook. To access the webcam feature, go to the start menu, to all programs, to Toshiba, and choose the web cam application.

Toshiba satellites (I'm using one now) come with pre-installed software for the built-in webcam. You should find it by clicking Start, then Programs, Toshiba, Utilities. The web-cam software is in there. Once you find it, you could pin the program to your task-bar - or create a short-cut on the desktop.

windows live movie maker lets you use your web cam, try it

This is how it is for my Toshiba satellite yours maybe the same or similar start/all programs / Toshiba / utilities / web camera application

you can download webcam driver not webcam.

How do you find your built in webcam on toshiba satellite c6555

Yes it has a inbuilt webcam, but I don't know how to use it.

Move your cursor to about 2/3 of the way up on the left hand side of the screen and a 'slide-out' control will appear. All of your webcam functions can be controlled from there.

nasıl toshiba kamerası açarım

The most recent versions of the laptop usually feature a webcam that is built directly into the monitor of the system. To activate the webcam, the laptop user needs applications like the Yahoo Messenger and Skype which will activate the webcam automatically.

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