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Follow thse steps..

1. Try adding foods to your diet instead of subtracting them.

2. Walking when the weather's nice is a super-easy way to keep fit.

3. Lighten the Foods You Already Love.

4. Down some water before a meal and you won't feel so famished.

5. Tune In, Tone Up-Try dancing to the music when you tune into your favorite music show.

6. Practice some stress-relieving cardio boxing..

Also you should try That "three weeks diet" Because it helped thousands of people like you to lose weight in three weeks....

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Q: How do you actually lose weight not just fat off your body?
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Is it true that a shot of vinegar helps lose weight?

Yes, it actually does! Although known as a "myth", recent research shows that vinegar's compound actually simulates the body to lose weight.

What is the fastest way to lose weight on your thighs?

You cannot spot train. Meaning you cannot just burn one part of your body. You need to do cardio normally and eat on a diet if you want to lose weight. Your body decides what weight you need to lose.

Can people actually lose weight by just eating right and exercising everyday?


Can you lose weight watching only calories?

A little. Your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes, however, to actually lose weight. So watching calories intake along with exercise is the fastest and best way to lose weight.

How do you reduce the fat from your thighs?

A common misconception is that you can lose weight from a specific area. This just isn't true. The only way you can lose weight from your thighs is just to diet and cardio. Your body will lose weight evenly all over your body, so just stick to the diet and it will eventually go away. If you want to tone up the area, do squats and lunges.

Can you lose weight by doing number 2 in the bathroom?

Technically yes. But, the weight you lose in the bathroom is just the food that you eat. Of course you become lighter if your body loses something inside of it - which is feces in this case. So the weight that you lose isn't fat, it is just the things that your body couldn't absorb from the food you have eaten earlier.

Why and how does a body lose weight when it is immersed in water?

The body does not lose weight. However it is buoyed up equal to the weight of the amount of water that is displaced by the submerged parts of the body.

Can Ativan make you lose weight?

It's a kind of diseases which affects internally so obviously it lose your weight but it dangerous for your body. If you really want to lose weight then do some other things just like take green tea, chamomile this helps you to lose weight.

Does your body suffer by not eating?

Yes. Your body requires nutrition to keep functioning. People believe that if they don't eat, they will lose weight but they just lose muscle.

How much weight can you lose by exercising?

Actually When You Exercise you can loose you target weight goal. It Just depends on how often you exercising and how long.

Can you lose 1 pound without eating for a whole day?

No by not eating ur body actually gains weight

How do you lose weight from the top half of the body and gain weight on your legs?

ful body weight

How could a person lose water weight?

The safest and most effective way to lose weight of any kind is to drink more water. Water actually helps us lose weight because it increases our metabolism and rids the body of excess waste in our bodies.

Are there any advantages in fasting to lose weight?

no. do not fast for weight loss. it weakens muscle, because your body will take that and yes your excess body fat to have nutrients. also when you eat again you will gain all the weight back but in excess body fat form so do not fast to lose weight! just eat healthy diet and exercrise at least four times a week for 1 hour. fasting actually makes you GAIN weight so DO NOT FAST! :O

When you lose weight do you lose it on your face first?

unfortunately no, you lose weight all over your body at the same time. There is no way for the body to spot reduce fat.

Can you lose inches but not weight?

Yes and actually it is better to lose inches.

1 calorie equals how many kg of body weight?

There are 0.00012959782 kg of body weight in a single calorie. To lose one kg of body weight, just over 7700 calories must be burned.

When you lose weight will your butt lose weight too?

honey you can try to loose weight but it all depends on your body type so sometimes yes sometimes noAnswer:Yes. When you lose body fat, it comes off everywhere, more or less equally. Of course, this also means that you can't just "target" one part of the body.

Can you gain weight by eating ice?

You cannot gain weight by eating ice. Ice is water and water is used to hydrate the body. This may actually help you lose weight.

How do you tone under arm flab?

You just lift weights and exercise. The human body doesn't just loose weight in the specific parts you workout. Just try and lose weight and everywhere on you body will be more toned!:)

How many kilogram of your body weight will lose in one month if you drink a honey with warm water?

you might actually gain

How do you lose over all body fat?

burn more calorie than you consume. for instance if you consume 2000 calories a day and you burn 2500 calories then you will start to lose weight if you do this for a long period of time you can lose a good bit of weight. one other thing to remember is that you cannot target one place on your body to lose weight. so yo cant just lose weight on your stomach or legs your body will decide were it need the fat from.

Do you lose weight by not eating?

Actually you do because your body is not digesting food which burns fat I tried it for and I loss about 15 pounds, but actually don't just not have anything at all drink lots and lots of water this will work..(: good luck.

What weights should you lift to lose weight?

Lifting weights will not help you lose weight, they would actually make you heavier because you will be putting on muscle mass. If you want to lose weight (hopefully body fat, not muscle), then you shoudl do cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, biking, swimming, etc.

How do animals without sweat glances lose weight?

Sweating doesn't make you lose weight, sweating happens to cool your body down when you exercise, animals just pant instead.