How do you add MP3 music to your online journal?


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Check your web hosts help files, tech support or user forum/messageboard. You should be able to find instructions in one of these locations. You should probably check your TOS and site specs first to be sure that you won't be violating any of your hosts policies. Some hosts don't allow MP3s or other multimedia files and some just aren't equipped to host certain kinds of files. And you will also want to be sure your site (or journal) has enough space and bandwidth. Also, be sure you aren't violating any copyright laws by posting files of copyright protected music -- especially not for downloading/filesharing. Not only is it illegal but your webhost will more than likely shutdown your site for violating their TOS. == There are websites that allow you to embed a control on your page. The control plays music. One such site is


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Yes as long as you have a MP3 USB cord and you have Music on your computer to put onto your MP3. I have a S3 and mine can.

either 1) connect to the computer and then using my computer, drag and drop the files to your coby mp3 player. 2) use Windows media player to sync music and playlists to your mp3 player.

Just as long the format of the music is MP3 or if it is in WAV format then just make sure that you have Internet access.

If you haven't downloaded the song, go download from Mp3raid and you have to make sure the music works by listening to it, if there's no music then the file is broken. If you have downloaded the song and it's not in the right format. Simply rename the song and then add a ".mp3" to it and then it will change. If it's in .av or other things etc, delete them and then add .mp3

you dont need to change it to get a mp3 to your iPod just go on itunes>dile>add file to library 4 video you can do mp4 (there are many more but i cant think of them all)

If you have RealPlayer, you can convert YouTube videos into mp3 files and add that to iTunes and then add album and artist in iTunes

Yes as long as they are MP3, or WAP files, and you downlaod the music into your music file which zune will watch for new music and add it to your library

Okay i will try to explain. Make sure your MP3 files are in your MUSIC folder. Move your MP3 file from MUSIC straight into your ITUNES folder. Go to your ITUNES folder after moving your MP3 to it. When your in ITUNES then you should see your MP3. Move your MP3 into ITUNES MEDIA Go into your ITUNES MEDIA and you should (once again) see your MP3. Then move your MP3 into AUTOMATICALLY ADD. Plug your Iphone/ipod into your computer and sync it. Your MP3 should be there. If not then try this same process again until it shows up. There will be no album art or any other information other then the song name and album name. You have to add the rest for yourself.

you plug the usb in to your computer than a icon should pop up click on the mp3 players icon than open Itunes or whatever... than drag the music from Itunes into your mp3 players icon than your done unless you want to add more

Usually mp3 players don't support this type of file. If you have a zip file that contains music that you want, you can open it on your computer and move the files somewhere out of the zip file. From here, you can add them to you mp3.

You can add music to the iTunes software from any CDs that you may have, mp3 music files on your computer, or you can buy music from the iTunes store or any other retailer that provides a download service such as Amazon.

groove shark. you can also download music on your ipod or mp3 player log on or log in it is free or you can just listen to music . maybe you can add a friend or 2.

There are different ways to add music to your tumblr blog. It may either be through Zing MP3, SCM Music Player, Streampad, Hypster and Videokeman. What you need to do is only add the code to its proper place in either your description or in your theme code.

# Connect your Motorola W233 to the computer as a storage device. # Open Computer<Removable Disk<Music # Move your mp3 music from computer into the Music Folder. NOTE: You can add folder in the Music Folder to keep the music organized.

You need a computer with iTunes, the usb cable that came with the ipod, and mp3 files. Install iTunes on the computer and connect the ipod via the usb cable. In iTunes select add file to library, and add your mp3 files. Drag the mp3 files now in your library to the ipod on the sidebar on iTunes.

Once you have installed the Amazon MP3 Downloading software (See links below) you click the Add button to add the desired MP3. Once paid for the tracks are downloaded to your computer.

If you have an MP3 player that connect with iTunes, add it to your library, and it will merge with the MP3 player at next connect. If you have direct disk write access (ie - shows up in My Computer as a hard drive) just drag and drop the MP3 file from where Limewire downloaded it into the right folder on the MP3 player.

Your MP3 might be too full of songs. If so, try to delete some. If not ask someone.

9 times out of 10, you cannot add memory to your mp3 player. It is built with a built in chip with a certain amount of memory. The only way to increase the memory on your mp3 player would be to remove this and replace it, this will likely be more expensive to obtain the chop than simply buying a lrager mp3 player, and will likely not be successful unless you have the correct expertise. You could simply try lowering the music quality to fit more music on, removing songs you no longer like, or try music in a better format to save on space.

To add songs to you go to the bottom of the screen, to the left it says 'submit mp3' From there you type in the mp3 URL to add your song Enjoy!

well first of all you're gonna need to find out whether your mp3 player actually plays videos as some do and some dont. The fact you use the term mp3 player (mp3's are music) then chances are it doesnt. But because you didnt say what one you have i cant say anymore.

a psp is because you can add mp3 music on to it it has got better graphics and you can download themes to it

You first download the music file onto you computer with an .mp3 extension. Then you open iTunes and click File (menu) > Add File To Library. Then you select your music file to open, and it will import into iTunes.

I just figured it out. Go to Windows Media Player. Add a new playlist. Go to the MP3 Rocket FOLDER that has all the music. Drag the songs you want in it. Click 'Save Playlist'. Plug into your computer the MP3 player or whatever you want the music on. For this one, its an MP3 Player. Go to the 'Sync' tab, and click and drag the playlist with the songs you want onto the sync tab. Sync! That should work. Hope I helped! :)

You can put your own music like Akon's songs eminem's songs etc.Just follow these steps... 1).Copy the music (mp3) and paste it in sound folder of your mugen 2).Open stages folder and open a stage.def in which you want the music to play. 3).Find a section named music.There will be these lines.. bgmusic=type sound/(name of the song).mp3 (example lonely.mp3)remember the song name and the song which you copied must be similar. 4).then save it. to add music to main screen.. 1).Open system.def inside the data folder. 2).Find section music. 3).There will be lines like this.. ;Music to play at title screen. title.bgm = sound/(name of the song).mp3 title.bgm.loop = 1 ;Music to play at char select screen. select.bgm = sound/(name of the song).mp3 select.bgm.loop = 1 ;Music to play at versus screen. vs.bgm = sound/(name of the song).mp3 vs.bgm.loop = 1 save it. And ya i answered about stages also.Well you have to copy the files inside the stages folder and then do all the things... for more questions add me on fb:

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