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Celebrating Christmas, which is my favorite holiday, is a big day for my family.


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family and friend and the love they can share

When celebrating Christmas, you can get a Christmas Tree and decorate it with ornaments that you can get from many different thrift shops or other places. Another thing you can do is have a small party with family and have a feast.

As of December 2013, there is no place celebrating Christmas for the first time. Some families may be celebrating for the first time if their religion has changed or welcomed a new family member.

I Think that Christmas is fair because Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus birth and spending 48hours with your loved ones, family and friends.

well Christmas is literally Christians celebrating birth of Jesus Christ but along with that they also take advent and be more sharing and kind towards the ones around I.e. Friends and family in a way of celebrating the birth of Christ.


what is the clauses, sentence type, and sentence purpoes

Being with family, getting presents, celebrating Christ's birth, sharing happenings, having fun............

She's never said. But she has talked about her family celebrating Christmas so she might be.

well i find it is where all your friends and family get together and celebrate Christmas with gifts ,love ,joy and peace celebrating the birth of Christ . :)

Celebrating new years in the time of my life because my family and i always get together.

The noun Easter can be the subject of a sentence or clause and the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples:Sentence subject: Easter is quite a festive day for our family.Clause subject: Special family gatherings, Easter is an example, keep our family connected.Object of the verb: Our family celebrates Easter with a family dinner.Object of a preposition: My mother prepare a nice dinner for Easter.

Christmas is celebrating when Jesus was born ( or Jesus`s Birthday)You sing songs about Christ Share gifts with family and even pets (they are family too) Most of all pray all your prayers together

No, it is not about toys or goodies, it's about the Lord, Jesus, coming to Earth to be born by ordinary people ,and its about family coming together celebrating life, and Jesus, and family.

No, the term 'my family' is a noun phrase, a group of words based on a noun that functions as a unit in a sentence.The noun phrase 'my family' is made up of the noun'family' described by the possessive adjective (pronoun) 'my'.A noun phrase functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples of a noun phrase in a sentence:My family is from Utah. (subject of the sentence)This is the house that my family owns. (subjectof the relative clause)You can meet my family at the picnic. (direct object of the verb 'can meet')I'm making dinner for my family. (object of the preposition 'for')

The significance of Christmas started as a Christian Holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus but is now much more than that. Christmas is a time for happiness, family, presents, giving, kindness and tradition. :) Happy Early Holidays!

The correct spelling is family.An example sentence is: "Christmas is a time for being with your family".

Christmas is about giving. Not only giving to family and friends, but giving to the less fortunate in the community and around the world. Christmas is about being with family and friends and sharing experiences and family stories.what? what? what does "what does Christmas is about" mean? ether drop the "does" and move " is " to after the "what". Or, leave it as a dumb sentence.

Here is a sentence for the word BEDECK:My family and I bedeck our house with Christmas lights every winter for Christmas.I hope this helps

Most people spend their Christmas nights with family and friends celebrating and having fun. Some people have a large meal to go with the holiday and presents for the children

they dont celebrate christmas they burn christams christmas trees they spite on a picture of santa clause they have one present each in the family if they dont like it the person who bought it gets punished

I will tell you about our family road trip five years ago, when my family went to Colorado for Christmas.

A collective noun functions in a sentence as any noun; as the subject of a sentence or a clause or the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples:subject: A family of otters has settled under our house.object: Drew Barrymore is the current generation of a family of actors.

The pronoun 'we' takes the place of a plural noun or two or more nouns (or pronouns) as the subject of a sentence or a clause.Examples:We are the Walker family. (subject of the sentence)The problems that we overcome get us closer to the goal. (subject of the relative clause)

simple the sentence from feast is at the christmas eve my mom prepared a feast for the whole family

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