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When I installed a BOA remote start into my Alero it provided detailed instructions in their manual and on the site. Most sites also provide tech support and wiring guides. I can't speak for keyless entry, but the remote start took a good amount of work. First you pull the radio to get to the ignition harness. Now, going from memory you'll have I think: - 2 red constant 12v power wires (always test for positive voltage, no matter where the key is) - 2 acessory wires, voltage to these cuts off when the key is in crank position (I had to use 2 relays to split 1 acessory wire into two for my kit) - 2 ignition wires, has voltage when key is in crank and running position (I believe there is a pink and a greenish one) - 1 starter wire, has voltage when key is in the crank position only Then you'll need a DEI 555L bypass module to eliminate Passlock. There are 3 small wires near the ignition harness, a black, yellow, and white one. The black 555L wire connects to this small black wire. Cut the Yellow wire in half on this harness. The yellow 555L wire goes to the key side of the yellow wire, the yellow/black wire goes to the other end of the cut yellow wire. (that may be backwards, I can't remember, the manual explains it.) Next the blue 555L wire connects to the remote start units output wire that is designed for it. For me it was a blue wire. The 555L pink wire connects to the pink Ignition1 wire of the remote start module. Finally the red 555L wire connects to a constant 12V power source. you'll also want to hook up the brake shutoff if you have that with your remote start module. Take off the two plastic panels under the dash on the driver's side, which is easy to figure out. Next poke aroundd above the brake until you find a small harness coming off of the top of it. There'll be a light blue wire on this harness somewhere. You're going to splice the Remote Start brake input wire into this light blue wire, then put everything back together. Don't worry about the Alarm disarm wire, as the alero doesn't have a factory alarm. Also, for my remote start module, it only gave a - parking light output, and the Alero has + parking lights (or vice versa, I forget, again). To make the BOA remote start module work with your Alero parking lights you would need to hook up a relay as per the web site's instructions. I just bypassed this. Before trying your remote start, you must run the car for about 15 seconds so the 555L module learns the passlock bypass code thinger. Don't ask questions, just do it, heh. In case you run into trouble make sure all your connections are good. When I put mine in I had a loose ignition wire, so my car would only crank but not actually fire. If yours does that you have an ignition wire loose. If your car fires up for a brief moment, sounds like it'll go fine, but then dies, your passlock 555L module isn't hooked up right, check all connections, turn the car back on then off, and try it again. those are the only problems I can diagnose off the top of my head. Good luck, it's a lot of fun doing this install, lots of hard work too, but very worth it.

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Q: How do you add a remote starter and key-less entry in a 2001 Alero?
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