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It depends on what type of text box you want to add. The simple HTML tag for a regular text box is this. <input type=text name=textbox1 id=textbox1> If you are planning for a text box that accepts passwords change the type to "password".

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Q: How do you add a text box to your website?
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How do you add Text box and Effects which can be added to the Text?

Text Box can be added in the insert column of the window. Animations tab can add effects to it.

Where is the Add Text button on Deviantart?

The Add Text button can be found in the submission area on deviantART. When you are on the submission page, there will be two boxes. One box for typing and one box for uploading images, videos, or text. The upload box is the first box under the Category selection. Under it will be two buttons 'Add image' or 'Add text'. Click 'Add text'. Up will pop a window for you to write in the text you wish to upload.

How can one add a comment box to their website?

One can add a comment box to their website by following the advice on the website "Yola". Yola contains easy to read instructions on how to add a comment box to one's website.

How do you add a sound in a textbox in PowerPoint presentation?

You can add a text box easily in Power point. Along with the text box, there is an option for adding sound also.

What is a text box in PowerPoint presentation?

it is where you add the words that you are entring

How do you post literature on DeviantART?

First enter the Submission page. There will be an area to upload your deviation in the middle of the page. There are two buttons, Add File and Add Text beneath the box. Click on Add Text and place your literature in the text box which appears.

When you have a photo on PowerPoint how do you add a text?

Click insert on the top bar then click text box and either choose an option or draw your own text box.

How will you insert text boxes in to your slides?

if you want to add a text box on power point you click: insert then shapes and you'll find something that looks like a text box.

Why is there a huge text box on this website?

It's made for old people.

How do you add a text note in Excel?

To add what is called a comment in a cell in Excel, press Shift-F2. You can also draw a text box on the worksheet and type text into that. A comment will only be seen when you put the cursor over the cell. The text box can be seen at all times.

How would you add a graph or spreadsheet element to a document?

I always insert a text box into the document first. Then I copy and paste the graph or spreadsheet element into the text box. The elements seem to behave better in the text box, and I have total control to move the text box wherever I want in the document.

How do you type upside-down?

Search for upside down text on Google or use the website listed below (see link titled Flip Text). If you use the website listed below, in the top box on that website type the text you want flipped, and in the bottom box the upside down text will appear as you type. You can then copy + paste the upside down text (from the bottom box) wherever you want (into Word, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, etc)

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