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How do you add another answer to a WikiAnswers question?

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Additional AnswersTo create a separate headline for your answer, simply click to improve the answer and then add a new line that says Answer.
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How do you add a question and answer on WikiAnswers before someone else does?

Ask question the answer!

How do you add an alternate to a question without contributing to WikiAnswers?

Anti-Contributing to WikiAnswersTo add an alternate to a question without counting it as a contribution point, then ask a question on WikiAnswers. Before you officially submit the question, you can edit it. After you edit and submit it, your pre-edited question will be one of its alternates.

Why was your question redirected to 'What questions add no value to WikiAnswers'?

If a question is redirected to "What questions add no value to WikiAnswers?", then it became an alternate to that question because it added no value. Questions like "Purple blue yellow ice cream?" will be merged into "What questions add no value to WikiAnswers?" because, as the question states, they do not add any value to the site.

How do you add an answer on WikiAnswers?

Click the question. Click "Answer question", or "Improve answer", or "Edit". Answer the question and click Save.

How do you add text right below your question?

You cannot do this on WikiAnswers.

Will WikiAnswers add a question mark to your question?

Yes. The question mark is added onto the end of the questions you ask, whether you add it yourself or not.

How do you add more information to a question on WikiAnswers?

Click discuss question. Then add any extra text into the discussion area.

How do you add a picture to your answer on WikiAnswers?

Currently, that feature is unavailable; you cannot add pictures to an answer on WikiAnswers,You can add any picture as a Related link, though. See the Related question for information on how to add the URL.

How do you add notes to your question on WikiAnswers?

You cannot provide additional details to your question on WikiAnswers. You can only ask what will fit in the question box, and you can add no more. If however you wish to discuss details of an answer or seek clarification of a question, you may post in the discussion area.

How do you include a picture in an answer to a question on WikiAnswers?

You are not currently able to add a picture to an answer.

Can you add photos on WikiAnswers?

You can only add photos on your user profile. You cannot add a photo in a question; in an answer; or on the message boards.(See the Related question below.)

How do you add more description to your question on WikiAnswers?

You can use the Discuss option on the left hand menu bar, to add more detail to the question.

How do you add a 'related question' to another question on WikiAnswers?

Adding Related QuestionsTo add or remove a "related question," you must first sign in. When you are signed in, the blue login "pod" on the left will become a set of Q&A tools. From the list of "Question tools," click on "Add related questions."Copy the wording of the new question you want to add as a "related question" (copy the text itself, and not the URL).

Why did this PC give a virus warning after clicking on another WikiAnswers question?

There may be a virus in your computer that got onto your computer from another website, or has been in your computer and has just been detected when you clicked on a WikiAnswers question. WikiAnswers questions do not give or contain viruses, so WikiAnswers, Answers, and ReferenceAnswers websites are out of the question.

Why is WikiAnswers such a piece of?

That should be answered with another question, "Why are you gay?"

Does this question add any value to WikiAnswers?

You must know the rules to ask the question so you already know the answer and what happens if you continue to add questions that do not add value intentionally

When a percentage question is asked can WikiAnswers add a make your own bar chart section?

No. WikiAnswers does not currently support graphics or images.

How do you add alternate wordings to questions on WikiAnswers?

On the left toolbar, click on 'Edit Alternates' under the 'Question tools'. At the bottom of the page, under 'Add new alternate wordings', type in the question reworded. Also, alternate wordings are created by saying a question is the same as another when asking a new question.

How do you answer a question on answercom-?

To answer questions on is easy if you are a member of WikiAnswers, simply open the question and click on "Add Answer" link .

How do you fix your question on wikianswers to add more information?

Next to the question, it will will say "Improve" in an orange box. Click that, and you can edit the question.

When one question is merged into another on WikiAnswers what happens to the alternates of the existing question?

When merging a question with alternates into another question, the alternates of the merged question are merged into the alternates of the primary question.

How to add a comment to an answer on WikiAnswers?

If you have something to add to the answer, click on the Improve Answer button. If you have a comment or want additional information, click on Discuss Question.

Can any contributor flag a question on WikiAnswers?

Yes. Anyone can add, edit or delete flags.

How do you add your question to the appropriate category on WikiAnswers?

Usually, the system chooses up to three suitable categories - based on the wording of the question.

What can you do if your number is falsely posted on wikianswers to take down the question or answer?

Mail any supervisor if you are having problems with another WikiAnswers user.