How do you add another hard drive in your computer?

To add another hard drive, Look at the jumper pins on the back of the new hard drive you wish to use as the secondary hard drive. Move the Jumper on those pins from MASTER to SLAVE to make the drive a slave drive and work under the primary hard drive. Now, open the computer after you have unplugged it and install the secondary hard drive, and make sure to hook it up to the IDE cable that is already hooked up to the primary hard drive, and hook it up only to the middle connector. The end connector of the IDE cable should already be in the primary hard drive so don't unplug it, just connect the middle connector of the cable that's already plugged into the primary drive to the secondary drive. Now, connect the power plug to the newly installed hard drive, plug in computer, and boot up. It should work just fine, and you'll gain more memory with that other hard drive!