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How do you add antifreeze fluid?

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50/50 water and Anti-freeze mixture into a cold radiator or coolant tank. DO NOT open cap on a warm radiator as it may expell scalding water.

It is critical that you know what kind of antifreeze your car takes. There are 2 general kinds. Long life and traditional Green coolant. The sensors base data on the correct chemical composition of the one that was originally installed in it. Therefore adding wrong one may cause the ecm to adjust the fuel mixture incorrectly or cause sensor damage. Some vehicles require different long life coolants- GM has Dex-cool, Ford just came out with another, Honda has their own. If the concentration is too great or too weak, it will not work correct.

2015-07-15 21:04:22
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Where do I add antifreeze on a Ford Ranger?

you can add antifreeze in 2 places. If engine is cold,open radiator cap and poor directly in.Also there is a antifreeze reservor thatr you can poor it in if it is empty. Remember just add fluid until it comes up to the cold line on resv.

What is radiator fluid?


Can you use an automatic transmission fluid to clean engine?

NO!!!! do not do this, oil is oil, transmission fluid is transmission fluid, and antifreeze is antifreeze, do not mix any of these, it can perminately damage your engine.

What happens if you accidentally add antifreeze to the windshield washer bottle?

that will not do any damge just syphon out what you can and refill with windshield washer fluid at least the fluid will not freeze in the washer lines,lol

What kind of radiator fluid does a 2008 jeep wrangler need?

The recommended fluid is Chrysler five year, hoat type antifreeze.The recommended fluid is Chrysler five year, hoat type antifreeze.

Where do you put the antifreeze in a 2002 suzuki XL7 at?

Antifreeze is in engine compartment on right side between brake fluid and washer fluid reservoir

What should you do if you pour antifreeze in the power steering reservoir?

Do not run the engine. You need to drain out the fluid antifreeze mixture.You can then refill the power steering fluid.

What is the green fluid container in the mark 2 focus?

The green fluid is the antifreeze.

What does antifreeze do to the car in the winter?

Antifreeze keeps your coolant from freezing. It keeps your coolant more "fluid".

How do you add antifreeze to a 95 grand am?

you open the plastic bottle and pour in the antifreeze

Can Castro oil be used for brake fluid?

Only brake fluid can be used for brake fluid. Brake fluid is a glycol-based liquid - it's closer to antifreeze than to oil, but don't use antifreeze in it either. Only brake fluid.

What type of antifreeze should be used in a 2000 Dodge Neon and what is the capacity?

I have a 2000 Dodge Neon myself. The owner's manual specifies ethylene glycol antifreeze. The capacity is 6.0 quarts (6.5 if you count the reservoir where you add the fluid).

Frozen windshield washer fluid?

get reservior heated , unplug hoses from squirters, add rubbing alcohol to tank and flush, refill with -40 windshield antifreeze.

Is antifreeze and coolant fluid the same thing?


What fluid is red in a Chevrolet Cavalier?

Transmission and antifreeze.

Fluids you put in the car?

Oil, Antifreeze, Power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant...

What is the pink fluid leaking under your suburban?

trans fluid,power steering fluid,dex-cool antifreeze

How do you change antifreeze in a Honda civic 2003 1.7 ctdi?

When changing the antifreeze first drain the old fluid by disconnecting the lower radiator hose. Plug the hose in and add coolant to the radiator. Check for air in the system, bleed if necessary.

Where do you add the antifreeze Lincoln LS?

You can add it to the coolant reservoir. It's located in the top left corner of your engine. Make sure your car is cool before you add in the antifreeze.

When adding Prestone antifreeze to a Chevy Cavalier 1999 do you need to add water also?

Yes. Never add pure antifreeze. Pure antifreeze will actually freeze before a 50/50 mix. Add coolant that is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. You can buy it already pre-mixed.

What fluid do you put into car engine radiators?

antifreeze antifreeze a fifty fifty micture of water and antifrez is best

How can you know if antifreeze is mixed with your transmission fluid?

The trans fluid will take on a pink, milky look.

What color should the engine fluid be?

It depends on the fluid. Antifreeze is a different color from engine oil.

Where do you add the antifreeze in your car?

in overflow jug

What green fluid is in a Chevy Malibu?

radiator antifreeze coolant.