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You can't. Desmume 9.7 doesn't have a cheat code option. You should probably download an earlier version of desmume if you want cheat codes on your game.

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Where do you get Action Replay for DS DeSmuMe?

The DS DeSmuMe has it's own cheats tab on the program. You just need to import the codes yourself.

How you use action replay in desmume?

open your desmume go to emulation then go to cheats and go to list. then you will find something called action replay.click on that ,type your code ,say add and you will find your code there.click on save and then try your code.hope I helped

How do you put cheats on desmume?

you cant... download no$gba if you wanna use cheat codes

How do you enter cheats on a desmume on pearl and what are they?

you go into emulation on the top left and look down the list until you see cheats written on the list

Where can you download Pokemon hacking tools?

If you use visual boy advance/ on laptop/PCthan youalreadyhave cheats built in. Here are the steps to access the cheats.Visual boy advance cheats:1.Click cheats2.Click add code3.Add the code of the cheat you want(Found all over the web)4.ClickOKandyou'redoneDeSmuME cheats:1.Click emulation2.Click cheats3.Click list4.Click Action Replay(always use this)5. Enteryou'recode(Found all over the web)6.Click add7.Click save andyou'redone

Is there action replay codes for Naruto Shippuden Ninja Destiny 2 for ds?

if you have a DeSmuMe you just get the game and play and also you can get cheats as well

Which is the best Nintendo DS Emulator?

For macs, DeSmuME, for windows, also DeSmuME

Cheats for world war for ipod?

No there are no cheats for this game. Add me: 2YBV3B

What are the Cheats for Pokemon soul silver on a Desmume emulator?

Ok first you have to go the the homepage:1227.com then you download the fil and you can one hit all the other Pokemons

How do you add cheats to your Plants vs Zombies game?

you can't add cheats on plant vs zombies but you can type on the screen the normal cheats like daisies,future etc.

Minecraft have cheats?

NoMinecraftdoes not have cheats, however you can add mods that make it easier.

Where can you play kamen rider ganbride?

On a nintendo ds.If its is an emulator download desmume 0.9.6 or desmume 0.9.7 emulator.

Can you make me have a cheats?

For TT,M3,G6 you can find the cheats near the game selection. For R4 the same but you can add other cheats.

How do you get DeSmuME to stop lagging?

To get DeSmuME to stop lagging, go to Configuration, then Frameskip. Set the frameskip to 9, and limit the frame rate. That should get DeSmuME to a speed where it almost never lags, and never goes too fast.

World of Warcraft cheats?

There are no cheats for world of warcraft, but there are add-on's that make the game easier for you.

Can you add 654 to 97 and get 375?

No: not with the standard definitions of "add" and of numerical digits.

What is the cheat on moshi monsters?

There are lots of cheats mopod cheats, moshlings cheats and lots more. Please add me I'm called dianehalliwell

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