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How do you add freon to the air conditioner of your 1996 4 wheel drive Isuzu Rodeo?


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You have to know what you are doing and have gauges and a fill hose.

Go to auto part store and buy a hose with a pressure guage and a can of correct freon for your make and model.

Turn on the A/C unit and find the low pressure side. With the A/C on it will be on the cold side. The valve should be on or near the accumulator a long usually silver cannister.'

attach the guage to this cold side and make sure you are on this low pressure side.

with the vehicle running open the and the AC on open the valve and hold the can of freon in the upright position and gently rock can.

Warning::::: Do not turn can upside down

when pressure on the guage is correct for your car close valve on freon can and remove hose from fitting and you are finished.

A good Idea when doing this is to wear safety glasses and thin gloves .


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