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from the front of the car behind nearside drive shaft about halfway up gearbox a 24mm nut can be found undo this and oil should be filled till runs out oil grade should 80/90 grade but i do not put that in i find that a lesser grade helps gear changes

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โˆ™ 2007-04-09 20:14:16
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Q: How do you add more oil into gearbox on your matiz when you have changed the engine please?
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What is the capacity for gearbox oil in matiz Daewoo?

2.1 liters

What gearbox oil do you use in SE matiz?

According to the owners handbook for a 2001 matiz its sae 75w-85 hope that helps

Where is the backup light switch in a Daewoo matiz?

on top of gearbox with 2 wires connected to it.

Where is the speed sensor on a Daewoo matiz?

It's on the gearbox, you need to get under the car to access it. It has a 3pin plug.

Can you disconnect matiz engine management light?


Will a broken timing belt wreck the daewoo matiz .8L engine?

Daewoo Matiz is listed as an interference engine. There is a most likely chance of engine damage ocuring in the event of the timing belt failing

What would be the reason for an engine check light to come on on a 1999 Daewoo Matiz?

i had the very same problem on my 1999 matiz,it was a broken wire on the fuel injector.(i'd changed the distributor cap,fuel filter,plugs etc before finding out it was this)hope this helps.

Why is the yellow engine light on in a Daewoo Matiz?

I have a daewoo matiz that has low power when the engine light comes on I have changed the spark plugs/leads/distributer cap/distributer/and coil checked the timing changed the fuel filter air filter and it still looses power when the engine light comes on. You have spent a lot of money and you still have the problem. Do you not think it might be time to take it to an expert and have it repaired correctly. You would've been money ahead right at this moment.

Engine oil capacity for Daewoo matiz?

3 lite

What is recommended by the manufacturer for Daewoo Matiz engine oil?


Does the matiz have a safe engine?

no mine went 5 out of 6 valves gone

After how many kilometers timing belt should be changed in Daewoo Matiz SD?

The timing belt should be changed after 100.000km. (60,000 miles)

Fuse box matiz?

The fuse box is located in the engine compartment. You will find the fuse box on the drivers side of the engine compartment.

Why does the heater go cold when engine at idle but goes warm when engine revs up on my dawoo matiz 0.8cc?

add coolant.

Where does chassis number located of Daewoo matiz?

There are two places for the chassis on a matiz one is on the front middle side of the engine block ,the second if you open the bonnet it is positioned on the rear bulkhead in the center

Where are the locations of the gearbox drain plugs in a daewoo matiz?

Underneath the car remove the large sump guard held in to the front and rear members by 4x bolt. At the bottom of the gearbox /finial drive is a x headed plug. remove it and the oil will drain. No washer to change as there isn't one

What causes an engine surge in a Daewoo Matiz?

Mass Air Flow MAF sensor could be your, problem check that!

When was Daewoo Matiz created?

Daewoo Matiz was created in 1998.

Where is the ecu on a Daewoo matiz 1999?

where is the ECU on Daewoo Matiz 1999

How much oil does 2001 daewoo matiz 1.0l se take?

I guess its about 3 liter's of oil that the engine requires.

What are The tappet settings on a daewoo matiz with a 0.8lt engine?

inlet 0.15 cold only outlet 0.32 cold only

Where does the hose from the brake booster conect to on a 2000 daewoo matiz?

Facing the engine, on the left hand side of the air distribution box.

Where is Daewoo Matiz oil drain plug located?

It is located on the sump pan under the engine. It is the large single nut at the lowest point.

What is the standard journal size of the Daewoo Matiz crankshaft?

What is the journal size on the crankshaft of the daewoo matiz

Who is the maker of Matiz cars?

The car model Matiz has been through several rebrandings and owners, initially known as the Daewoo Matiz before coming under the Chevrolet Spark brand.