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How do you add new codes to a action replay ds How do you add new games to action replay max for ds How do you add subscriptions to your action replay you tried copying and pasting the address into th?


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i wish that i knew too if you find out email


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look it up on google im not gonna waste my time copying and pasting

it's just for upgrading it and copying and pasting it rather than the tedious job of inserting it by hand.

you have probably typed it in wrong or when u tried copying and pasting u didnt paste a letter or number

Go on Google and type in action replay subscriptions, that's what I did. You can also go to WARC (link provided in "Related Links") to find a list of subscriptions.

You can get Action Replay DS Subscriptions at WARC at the related link below.

It really depends on what gaming system you use the most. For me, it's the Action Replay DS because of the Code Manager, Subscriptions, and the layout of the Action Replay.

Copy and PasteCopying and Pasting codesTo copy and paste codes google/yahoo/bing your game Pokemon ____ action replay codes copy them (right click) and paste (once again right click).HOPE I HELPEDLegoninga

yes there are thousands of good ceats for action replay , all you need to do is them out "

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If you would like to obtain a Microsoft action pack, the Microsoft Partner page on the official Microsoft website has a link with detailed descriptions on various subscriptions.

HI i make code subscriptions all you nned to do is to "Google it" if you find one go to your ar ds code manager in SUBSCRIPTIONS and two buttons to the right there is a page with a + to the right of it press it a window pops up put in the address you found and its go one of two things error of it does nothing either does not matter PS. here a Pokemon pearl subscription file:///C:/Program%20Files/Datel/Action%20Replay%20Code%20Manager/local_codelists/codelist%20dave.xml

You have to find an xml file on the internet that someone made.

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You will need action replay and get extra codes by copying them off of youtube videos.

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wifi event that past a long time ago. you can also use action replay codes. if you have ar code manager go to subscriptions and type in something like: GBAtemptempndscheatdatabase.html

There are many ways you can get codes for your Action Replay DS 1. You can browse through Action Replay Websites (ex. 2. You can find a "Subscription URL". The Action Replay Code Manager comes default with the Codejunkies Subscriptions (has lots of codes) Good luck!

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It sets up the code manager on the PC, for copying codes across to the AR from online sources.

Under "Subscriptions" in the DSi Code Manager program, there should be 3 tabs above it: "Reload" "Add" "Delete. Click "Add" and enter your subscription URL. Here is a great website with tons of subscriptions, just click the desired game or bundle!

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I'm assuming that you downloaded action replay on your pc, first of all, open up the code manager, find the code that you want under " my code lists, or my subscriptions" then drag the game name into the nds area, for that to appear you have to plug in your action replay using the wire it came with

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