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How do you add oil to a car ac system?


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Can be added with refrigerant check can contents


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System pressure will run abnormally high, the AC system will vibrate, and you won't get proper cooling.

The AC system will vibrate, and pressure throughout the system will be extremely high.

The amount of oil charge required for an automotive AC system is specific to the car. There is not standard amount for all cars.

Ac oil helps to keep the gaskets in the ac system from drying out. The oil can be added separately or can be bought mixed into Freon from the store. Most importantly the oil lubricates the ac compressor, the only moving part in the ac system.

FYI most refrigerants already have oil that is proportionate to the amount of refrigerant in the can. If you are using straight refrigerant and all you need is to add oil to your system, then there is product out there that is straight oil that can be added to the low side port in your ac system. IDQ , QUEST , and AC PRO are some companies out there that have many of these products. You can also find them in the web at along with helpfull information about your vehicles ac system.

Under the hood, on the passenger side, just next to the firewall is a silver can-looking thing that has AC lines running in and out. The can, called a 'receiver/dryer' may, or may not, be wrapped in black foam. The AC line coming out of the receiver/dryer has the low pressure side port, that's where you add refrigerant and/or oil. Don't add oil unless you KNOW that it's low. Too much refrigerant oil can destroy the AC system.

You have a system performance test done on your AC system.

The AC condenser would effect the performance of the AC system in the car.

You can put AC in most any vehicle with an aftermarket AC system.

By buying an AC charge hose and a can or 2 of R134a freon (depending on how much your car needs) Attach hose to the low pressure side & charge system. Do not overcharge, or you may destroy the AC system.

There are several pressure switches in a vehicle. The engine has an oil pressure switch that sends a signal to the oil pressure gauge oil or light for you to monitor. Some oil pressure switches can shut down the fuel pump if no oil pressure is detected. The AC system has both a low pressure and a high pressure switch to protect the AC system from self destruction.

The entire ac system holds aprox 8 oz of ac oil. This amount is spread throughout the entire system, including the condenser, evaporator, compressor, hoses, receiver/dryer, etc. Assuming the system did not blow open and lose oil, add 3 oz of ac oil to new pump through suction port and rotate pump by hand several revolutions before install.

It is important to have a working AC system in a car. A wiring diagram for an F250 AC system can be found in the cars maintenance manual.

I am retrfitting ac on 93grand am and the refridgerant cans to recharge it say "includes oil". I have to have the ac system evacuated and was told this would pull most of the oil from compressor out. One guy said the oil weren't compatible so I should remove compressor and dump the oil out the back of it. Hope this helped

check the oil before you start you car, if its low on the stick and it in to add line add a quart of oil. And check to see if you have a puddle under the engine of the car. If you do open the hood a check the left side of the engine to see if there any oil drops on the ac comp top, if there is the timing gasget need to be replace.

Umm yes because there is no AC........

Take the car to a service center which is equipped for this. You must be careful how much you put in or you will blow the system...........Then you pay.

There will be a sticker somewhere in the engine compartment that tells you how much to add. It is usually 8 oz with no other oil in the system. Be careful to ensure that your system is purged prior to reinserting. I added too much to my truck and now have to have the system purged to get the system balanced out. AC systems work on a very exacting amount of oil to freon ratio. Too much oil of not enough is not good for the system. Too much oil and the freon does not flash from a gas to a liquid properly, not enough oil and the compressor lifespan is shortened.

The compressors today do not have sumps so the oil circulates throughout the system. the two lines that bolt to the compressor is where the oil goes. hope your system is empty. if not then use a tool (got mine from bg products) that will allow u to add w/ freon in it

It compresses the refrigerant (probably r134a) and pushes it through the ac system.

you dont. only need to add after a repair is done. single ac systems usually take 6 ounces. duel systems(rear air) take 10 to 12 ounces

changing ac compressor only, how much oil do i add 2.7 Toyota tacoma 1999.... 6 ounces

Amount of compressor replacement oilFrom what I've read in other AC Manuals and what I've practiced, with regards to the amount of refrigerant oil to add, is to add the same amount that you drain from the old compressor unit that you removed from your system. This amount, from my experience is about 5 oz, however, it varies from compressor to compressor. The most accurate way to asses this, short of contacting the compressor mfg, is to apply what I said in the first sentence. add 6 ounces for a single ac system and 10 to 12 ounces for a vehicle w/rear air.(like surburbans, vans etc.)

Ac delco's use to be good but not anymore, I use wix filters in my car and like them a lot better.

At this point it is almost impossible to find Freon 12 and if you CAN find it you will pay almost as much as the entire car is worth just to recharge the AC. Retrofitting is a good option at this point. Most AC technicians will try to convince you that it is a difficult and expensive process to convert your AC to 134A, but in reality most vehicles have no problem. The only real problem is the oil that is used to lubricate the compressor. Some of the AC oil used with Freon 12 does not work with 134A so the technicians will evacuate and flush your AC lines then add new oil and recharge the system. A GOOD AC technician will be able to help you and will know the difference. If you don't NEED to purge the old oil he will be able to let you know and you can get by with just a little 134A added to the AC and some new fittings.

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