How do you add power steering fluid to a 2001 Buick Regal with the 3800 series II engine?

I have a 98 regal GS. I had to have the dealer show me where the filler cap is. It is in the back by the fire wall, on the passenger side. Way down low under a hose. Once you get it off it is difficult to add fluid without it overflowing. I droped the cap 10 times trying to get it back on. Good luck, Steve Wait until the car is cool. Reach over, behind, and under the alternator and remove the cap for the power steering fluid (I used my right hand for this). Obviously measure to see if it is low. I used a cut off piece of water line (like what you use for the toilet water line) and make sure that it is dry. Feed the hose into the power steering resevoir. Now pour in power steering fluid a little at a time. You have to repeat the procedure (remove hose, measure, replace hose, & pour) several times to make sure you get the correct amount of fluid (and not too much). It worked for me. Good luck. Answer 2 I have a 2001 Regal. Once you've located the power steering filler cap - which is on the passenger side just behind and under the alternator (I had to use a flashlight to find mine but it's visible if you lean over the front fender - passenger side) - the rest was easy. There is a cross brace by the firewall that I had to remove so I could get to the filler cap. The cross brace is held on by 4 nuts - 1/2" or 13mm - and removing them and the brace allows fairly easy access to the filler cap. Remove the cap and fill. I'd recommend using a small funnel since it's virtually impossible to get the power steering fluid bottle behind the alternator and around several hoses. A funnel made it a cinch. Check to be sure you don't over fill, replace the cross brace and you're finished.