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How do you add ref134A to the AC of a car?

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With the engine running and the ac on, Find the low pressure port on the ac lines depending on your engine ( it usually has a screw on cap with the letter l on it ) and using the hose supplied in the r134a recharge kit that you will buy at the parts store connect the hose to the coupling ( it works like an air hose ) open the valve on the can and the r134 will flow into your car by itself and remember to keep the can upright so only gas enters and not liquid, you can shake it some to speed up the process ( notice that the can gets cold ). When the air runs cold you have enough, you will not always need the whole can and sometimes you will need 2, If there is a leak in the system have it repaired asap dont keep refilling it. another answer when you buy the recharge kit, buy the one that has the refrigerant oil and a dye in it it will all be in same can people do not realize the system needs the oil to transport the gas. the dye will show up if there are any leaks in your system, also you need to make sure you do not over charge your system there is a small glass in the system if you cannot see a bubble as you see in a builders level u have eithe to much or to little . that is only way to tell if you dont have the gauges to hook uo that professionals use

2007-01-23 22:15:35
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Q: How do you add ref134A to the AC of a car?
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How do you add oil to a car ac system?

Can be added with refrigerant check can contents

Put AC ON car over heats?

put on ac in car and over heats

What would cause a vehicle to stall when running the ac?

AC runs on the battery. If the car is off and you run the AC, then start the car, it will stall.

Your car did not come with ac can you install ac?

Only with considerable difficulty. You're probably better off to trade your car in for one with AC.

Does a condenser affect the performance of the car?

The AC condenser would effect the performance of the AC system in the car.

Why car shuts off when ac is on?

The AC is taking energy

Is car ac coolant the same as home ac coolant?


Where exactly do you add freon the ac on 1998 grand am whit 2.4 engine?

under the car up close to the front need ramps to get to it

What if your car ac blowing hot air after you changed the battery why?

your car ac will only blow hot air when there coolannt in the car is finished or the car is oveerheated.

Can you add ac to your jeep?


How do you add refrigerant to a home ac window unit?

Many home AC units are sealed, and there is no way for a homeowner to add refrigerant.

Can you get ac in a 1930 car?

You can put AC in most any vehicle with an aftermarket AC system.

Why does car heats up when ac is on?

The car seats because of the extra energy it needs for the AC compressor work

Can you block the high side on a car ac if it is leaking?

can you block the high side on the ac on a car to stop a leak

How do you add freon to the AC unit of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

By buying an AC charge hose and a can or 2 of R134a freon (depending on how much your car needs) Attach hose to the low pressure side & charge system. Do not overcharge, or you may destroy the AC system.

What does the ac button in your car do?

A simple answer would be; it turns on the ac compressor.

Can you get the AC Pro car ac recharge kit in Canada?


How do you get to the ac actuator door on a 98 Lincoln town car?

How do you get to the ac actuator door on a 98 Lincoln town car

Why your car stop when the ac turn on?

bad alternator or ground to ac compressor

Why does your car run cooler with the AC on?

ac is making fan run more

How do you add ac refrigerant for 95 Grand Marquis?

Take the car to a service center which is equipped for this. You must be careful how much you put in or you will blow the system...........Then you pay.

Does the ac cause the car to overheat?


Why a car AC is cooling when set temperature is higher than actual temperature?

the ac in the car cools, the fact you have set a higher temperature than the ambient tempereature means that the car's heater is working and so is the ac, if you wish to heat up your car, turn the ac off.

Why do you need to change car ac compressor oil?

you dont. only need to add after a repair is done. single ac systems usually take 6 ounces. duel systems(rear air) take 10 to 12 ounces

Will a 120 volt AC to 12 volt AC adapter charge a car battery?

No, auto batteries are DC not AC.