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Apply to "Vital Statistics" in your State (under births/deaths) and you may be able to get the forms online. Go to: then type in "Forms for Birth Registration in the State of ____________." Good luck Marcy * When the father does not sign the birth certificate at the time of birth the court will require a notarized affidavit from the father acknowledging his paternity before the birth certificate can be amended. If the father does not wish to comply, the birth mother must file a petition with the court to order a paternity test.

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Q: How do you add your child's father to their birth certificate?
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Can you put your child's father name on the birth certificate even if you are not married to that person or does he have to sign the birth certificate?

The father must sign to add his name to the birth certificate.

Add fathers name to birth certificate in new york?

how do I add my daughter's father name to the birth certificate? I live in New York.

Can a father legally add his name to a birth certificate?


Can a mother get into trouble from the law when she put her boyfriends name on the birth certificate and when she actually new who the real father was and the real father wants to be on on it?

No, it is not illegal to put the wrong name on a birth certificate. However, the biological father has the legal right to add his name to the birth certificate if he can prove that he is the child's father.

Does the father have to be present to have his name on the birth certificate in 1971?

In Illinois in 1971, the mother of the child could put anyone's name on the birth certificate as the father. In this connection, the critical document is the acknowledgment of paternity, which is now required to add a man's name to the birth certificate.

Can bio-mother add step father to birth certificate without notifying biological father and step father not adopted child?

no, changing the birth certificate requires adoption, and can only be done if the birth father's parental rights have been terminated.

Can biological mother add step dad to birth certificate without telling biological farther?

The birth certificate can only have one father and only the biological father is allowed to be on it. And only he can sign it. A step parent have no legal right to the child.

Can your teen sons girlfriends mother prevent him from being on the birth certificate because they are on social services?

No, they cannot prevent the father from being on a birth certificate if he consents to it. They cannot add him without his permission.

Can a woman put her name where the fathers name should be on a birth certificate?

Absolutely not!! The hospital wouldn't allow it, anyway - the father must sign an acknowledgment of paternity to add his name to the birth certificate.

How do I add my daughter's father name to her birth certificate I live in New York?

have HIM go down to domestic relations in your area and ask for him to be put on the birth certificate...he might have to sign a praternity paper stating that he is the father..but he doesnt have to do any DNA tests..

Can you force the father of your child to sign in the birth certificate?

No, however the courts can add his name after establishing paternity and child support.

How do you add the fathers name to a birth certificate at birth when the father is incarcerated?

On the form where it says "birth father" put the father's name. Why do you think more and more dad's are finding out that they are not father's of children these days. You can also mail the father an "acknowledgment of paternity" to jail, they have notaries in jail. He can sign it and return it to you.

The father is over eighteen. The mother to be is a minor. Can the father's name go on the birth certificate?

A birth certificate is a government record and the father should sign it in order to document the child's parents. Otherwise he will add to the problem of a generation of children whose birth records are incomplete. If he has concerns because the mother is a minor he should consult with an attorney.

Can you add your daughters fathers name on her birth certificate 16years on?

I was wondering the same thing myself. I was told long ago that it wasn't neccessary for both parents names to be on her birth certificate. Now I can't add her to my health insurance because I didn't sign her birth certificate!

Does the mother never married have to allow the father to sign the birth certificate if he wants it to add to his deers to get more money for him?

Well first of all the father doesn't sign a birth certificate he signs an acknowledgement of paternity with the unmarried mother and two witnesses to declare that he is the father. This legal document will allow the birth registrar to put his name on the birth certificate as the father. As long as the mother signs the acknowledgement then it will be legallly binding just as if they had went to court. If she chooses not to sign then the document will not be complete and on the child's birth certificate the father's name will remain blank. (Please remember it is very important to acknowledge paternity for the child's sake. It is very disappointing when a child looks at their birth certificate and does not see a father's name. Also the child will have the rights to certain medical information/hystory from their father in the event that child has a medical condition as well as the right to child support.)

Can you remove a non biological fathers'name from a birth cerificate and add the biological fathers' name?

Yes you can remove a non biological father's name from a child's birth certificate and add the biological father's name. However, you must have a DNA test to disprove paternity of non biological father and another proving paternity of biological father. With these tests you can make an application (through your attorney, who would prepare the necessary paper work) to the court to remove the non biological father's name from the birth certificate. According to the law in your country, you might need the approval of the biological father to have his name added to the child's birth certificate.

How do i add a father's name to a born abroad birth certificate in Georgia?


The father of your baby wants to be added to her birth certificate if you add him what rights does have have?

If you're in the US, he'll have the same rights as any other father. But, even if you don't voluntarily add him, it's a simple matter for him to file a petition with the court to establish paternity and if he is determined (via DNA testing) to be the father, the courts will order that he be added.

How do you add a fater to a birth certificate when the mother is has passed away and he is in jail?

In normal situations you could just call the Vital Records Office and they should be able to guide you to get your birth certificate.

Can you legally add a name without biological father?

You can give your child any name you want. The father is the only one who can add himself to the birth certificate however, so just because you give your child his last name does not mean the state will recognize him as the father and hold him responsible for the child in the absence of a paternity test or admission of paternity from him.

You are the father of your son and he already has your last name you were present at the time of birth however you did not sign the birth certificate how can you add your name?

If you and the mother are in conflict, it will require a court order. If you're not married to the mother, you have no legal right to the child either way. see link

Can you add father's name to birth certificate if mother is not available?

You would need to petition the court regarding this.

How do you add a name to your given name in birth certificate?

The information on original birth records is not changed. A change of name would be filed in a court of jurisdiction.

How do you add fathers name to birth certificate in New Mexico?

First, you will need the father's acknowledgment of paternity or court order to that effect. Then, contact NM Department of Public Health for the procedure to file an amended birth certificate.

How can someone add their Father's name to a birth certificate?

Go to the County Clerks Office In your local family Courthouse and take it from their