How do you adjust Well vsr 10 sniper rifle hop up?

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What is the best Airsoft Sniper rifle?

Best is a opinion, but I prefer the UTG M32 Master Sniper Rifle, It Has 430 FPS and Costs $80 Without Scope. I bought mine From With Scope, Bipod, Sling, and Extra Mag for $120. The best Airsoft sniper by power is the Green Gas M700P Sniper Rifle Competition Modle, 720 FPS For $200 Fr (MORE)

How far can a sniper rifle shoot?

A difficult question to answer, but the average sniper rifle in the.300-.308 caliber can shoot anywhere between 100 and 800 yards. A.50 caliber is estimated to effective at about 4 kilometers (2.5miles). Answer US snipers are trained to engage targets at ranges up to 1000meters. In combat, there is (MORE)

What is the best sniper rifle in the world?

A .408 Cheytac, it has more power than a .50 bmg round over 900 yrds it is a .505 gibbs necked down to a .408 have a look at this web page about it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

How much are sniper rifles?

Depends upon which nationality and which war. The '03 Springfield was last used by the US during the Korean War. The US Marines used the Winchester model 70 with a Unertl scope & the US Army used the M14 (XM21) with a Redfield scope in the Viet War. The NVA used a Mosin-Nagant model 1891.

What is the longest sniper rifle?

I don't know if this counts as a sniper rifle but the Russians had some hand-held anti-tank rifles that had very long barrels. But the modern sniper rifle is a .50 caliber like these anti-tank rifles were.. Russian 14.5 mm antitank rifle PTRD-1941 Overall length: 78.7 inches Barrel length: 48.3 (MORE)

What is the most dangerous sniper rifle that can kill a person from up to 4 miles away?

The longest sniper kill in recorded history was made in Afghanistan by a Canadian sniper with a .50 caliber TAC-50 rifle at a range of 2,430 meters, which is well under 4 miles. Even at this range with such a powerful weapon, it was a lucky shot, which would lead to the conclusion that a kill at 4 m (MORE)

Is 308 a good sniper rifle?

It's not a bad weapon... I guess it really depends on what you a are snipeing, the ammo you use, and the scope you have. AND OF COURSE HOW GOOD OF A SHOT YOU ARE...LOL

When were sniper rifles invented?

It is believed that sniper rifles were invented around 1857 withthe advent of the Enfield rifle. This rifle was then surpassed bythe Whitworth rifle which became the first long range sniper rifle.

Who invented the Springfield sniper rifle?

Mr.Springfield did, an American General. Well it depends on what kind of Springfield as the 30-06 Springfield which was used in World War 2 as a sniper in the U.S Army. Springfield Armory invented that kind of Sniper Rifle during World War 2. Another Springfield would be the Springfield m1903 which (MORE)

What is the most accurate sniper rifle?

The Most accurate sniper rifle in the world is the Chey Tec Intervention, this gun shoots a .408 round that is powerful enough to stop a helicopter if u hit the right spots and pierce through some armored vehicles. This weapon is BLOT ACTION which means that you can take more time placing your shot (MORE)

How do you adjust the hop up system on a Well R10 xm8 airsoft gun?

On the top of the gun under the handle is a bar that has a end that flips to the side. Pull it to the side, pull back, and hold it there. When you pull it back a slide on the side should open, showing a white cylinder. Turn the cylinder up to decrease or down to increase hop up.

What is a good sniper rifle?

The best sniper rifle has to be the barrat 50 calibre it has an awesome firepower, and an awesome zoom. Following up to the barrat 50 cal is the walther 2000. it has a 45 calibre round, but makes up for it in speed.

Who made the first sniper rifle?

Some of the Pennsylvania long rifles might stake that claim, but prior to the Civil War, Sharps made especially accurate rifles, and they were used for long range shooting. Their name is still with us today- if you are a sharpshooter.

What are the best sniper rifles?

There are many good quality sniper rifles avaible L42 Enfield(British) SR-25 (American) AS50 (British) M21 (American) If you area beginner and looking for best rifels for practice shooting,

How much does a sniper rifle cost?

That's like asking "how much does a car cost?". A sniper rifle is simply any rifle used for the purpose of sniping, whether it's manufactured as a dedicated sniper rifle or not. To buy one, someone might spend anywhere from $50 to several thousands of Dollars.

Which is better a sniper rifle or an assault rifle?

Neither: They both serve their own purpose. You would not use either one to do the others purpose. A sniper rifle is used to engage long range targets at a very low rate of fire, Commonly used to eliminate very specific targets with a very small window of oppurtunity that a rifleman can not take (MORE)

Average USMC sniper rifle?

The most commonly used sniper rifle in the Marines is the M-40A3. It is a standard bolt action rifle with a Remington 700 action that fires the 7.62X51 NATO round.

How do you adjust the hop up?

If your talking about an airsoft gun, then it all depends. Your gun must first be capable of having a adjustable hop up, then if it does, it should be a little wheel or a little nub either along the barrel on in the chamber.

How do you get a sniper rifle in Mafia Wars?

you cheat by: hit the left shift button while holding the Q button He's right it worked for me and it was great !!!!! A message box should appear and you type in SniPER69 and you should have a draganov SVD in your inventory

What are the top 10 sniper rifles in the world?

It depends on the parameters of use and the individual. I know guys who could hit a fly at 500 meters with a rifle/scope combo costing less than 1000 USD. Conversely, I know people who couldn't hit a pie plate at 500 meteres with a 10000 combo. Are you taking about an urban environment with shots se (MORE)

How long is a sniper rifle?

Depends on the sniper and the rifle. Add about 15-20 inches to the barrel length, same as any other rifle. The Remington 700 action used to be very common and probably still is. Barrel lengths are about the same as any varmit rifle, from 20-26 inches roughly. Contrary to popular belief, a longer (MORE)

Can a sniper rifle be silenced?

It is possible, and in the history of silenced weapons it may have been done for some special purpose such as assassination, but the rifle will still make an audible sound. With any rifle, the bullet will hit the target before the sound reaches it anyway, and that time is increased by the extra rang (MORE)

The best sniper rifle in the world?

Define "best". Different rifles will have their niche in different applications. A semi-automatic rifle such as the M21, M110, Galatz, SVD, etc. will be ideal for urban environments and intermediate ranges, whereas bolt action rifles traditionally fare better at open areas with longer range shots, b (MORE)

Can you make an adjustable hop up airsoft gun have no hop up?

It depends what type of gun it is. If it's an M4, pull back the charging handle and you should see a wheel. Turn the wheel and shoot as you normally would to see if the hop up is on or off; if there is no change after turning the wheel in one direction, try turning it in the other direction.

What calibur is a dragonov sniper rifle?

The cartridge is known as 7.62x54R. The diameter of the bullet, however, it actually 7.92 millimetres. A variant in 7.62x51 NATO was manufactured in China, and a civilian sporting variant in .308 Winchester was manufactured in Russia, as well. However, 7.62x54R is the standard for the Dragunov SVD (MORE)

What does a sniper rifle need to be called a sniper rifle and not a rifle?

3 things.. accuracy,range,and persistence. a sniper can be any rifle or pistol of any caliber just some are alot better like the barrett but a sniper rifle needs to be accurate when you fire upon the target, it needs to continually hit that spot and it needs to do so from a good distance ill say 300 (MORE)

What is best sniper rifle scope?

well actually i thought that the SSR 4000 sniper rifle was the best but if u Google or bing what ever winter tatical sniper u will find some great feautures well that is it in my opinon what is urs

How do you get the sniper rifle in bunny flags?

After achieving the highest rank on every level and maxing out the destroyer part of the talent tree, I am quite certain the creators of Bunny Flags left it unattainable. Plus, I don't see anyplace for it in the game play screen: riot shield, uzi, rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle. Sorry.

Where can you buy the well l96 airsoft sniper rifle in Ireland?

se airsoft has is 220euro do so the best thing to do is buy it in taiwan gun for 110euro the postage might be dear for just 1 person so might be cheaper to get a few more people in on the order and split the shipping when you buy it in taiwangun you also get 3mags instead of 1..the only thing (MORE)

Is there a sniper rifle in Eliminate pro?

Yes, it's the longshot pro. The longshot pro is the sniper rifle that can one hit K.O. you. No Headshots needed even if you're wearing an armor for protection(any armor) it can still kill you in one hit. The longshot pro is Eliminate pro's latest sniper rifle. It's a weapon that you never seen befor (MORE)

How do you adjust the hop up system on a YT385 airsoft gun?

You can`t. The gun is well done, only problem is the air compression part, that is: 1) plastic, that is a really weak point 2) the metal roll on the spring need more room than the plastic air compression has, so the impact WILL destroy the gun very soon. And by soon i mean like no more that 1 (MORE)

How do you maintain a airsoft sniper rifle?

Assuming the sniper rifle is spring it is recommended that you keep the spring well lubed (ya go ahead and laugh). Also you should use a pipe cleaner and clean out the barrel once a week. If you want to keep your sniper in top condition that is what you need to do, but it will work without. If you h (MORE)

How much to get sniper rifle?

Depending on what calibers you are referring to. A .308 winchester starts around 750 and go up to 1800 us dollars. The .50 cal. Starts around 1500750 and goes to work around 9800.

How long is a M200 sniper rifle?

don't be afraid to use google search... i did... thanks wiki! 53 in (1.34 meters) (stock extended) 46¾ in (1.18 m) (stock collapsed) (M-200) answer pwned... next! :P

Who was the man who created the sniper rifle?

There isn't a name to put to it. Sniping has been around for a long time - the name "sniper" comes from Colonial America, where, as a test of marksmanship skill, the settlers would attempt to shoot small, fast birds known as Snipes. Sharpshooters were used in the American Revolution - the Kentucky R (MORE)

How do you spell the sniper rifle baret?

The manufacturer is spelled Barrett (Barrett Firearms Manufacturing), builder of the M82 and XM500 .50 caliber sniper rifles that fire the 12.7x99mm NATO round (Browning machine gun round).

What was the first sniper rifle with a scope?

The first documented telescopic rifle sight was invented between 1835 and 1840 by Morgan James of Utica NY. There were earlier crude optical sights as early as the 17th century.

What is the length of a typical sniper rifle?

Typical lengths for a sniper rifle vary from as short as 21 inches to as long as 30 inches. Length will vary depending on the weight of the barrel. Longer barrels result is better velocity.