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Before you try to make adjustments, check the hinge pins and bushings. When they wear out the door drops. Depending on the vehicle, your local auto parts store should have pin and bushing kits available. Replacng the worn pins and bushings will restore the door alignment back to normal.

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Q: How do you adjust a car door which is a little too low when closing?
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How do you adjust door on a car?

The bolts

Who is at fault is someone is closing the door of a parked car and their door is hit by a passing car?

Virtually ANY time a vehicle door opens into moving traffic it will be the responsibility/fault of the party who was in control of the door. The questioner states that they were CLOSING the door??? That may be their story, but it will probably be difficult proving it.

Who is at fault for closing car door and smashing another passenger's fingers?

the person who shut the door plain a simple

How do you realign a car door?

you can realing a car doorby removing the door form the body of the car. then have two friends hold the door up to where you want it to be then carfuly reatach the door using all of the right tools and right parts. the door should be put in the right way and not bee crooked if all of the bolts and attachments are put on right and tight. Or you can try this, put the door back on, but do not tighten completely, tighten it just enough for the door to hold on it's own as well as you to be able to adjust the door up or down as needed without the help of others. See, the idea is to be able to adjust the door as needed, up, or down then closing it gently at first so to see that the door is aligned and closing properly. if not, then push the door, either up, or down then close it again. You may have to do this a few times before you are satisfied, (Besides this it how the professionals align their doors after a repair.)

What should I do if the car door will not remain closed?

repair or adjust the latching mechanism

How do you adjust a door on Ford Focus 2004?

Open the door of the vehicle one whatever side you need to adjust. There are 3 bolts that connect the car and the door, I have a 2003 and they are 1/2 inch bolts. To adjust the door in and out use the bolt connected to the door, if it needs to move front or back use the bolts connected to the car. Open the door and get a jack and put a piece of wood on it (so you don't scratch the door) and jack the door up just enough to release tension on the door. Then loosen the bolts for whatever way you need to adjust.Good Luck

Who is at fault if someone is closing the door of a parked car and the oncoming passing car and the driver is not paying attention hits the parked car?

Nonone If the car is legally parked and the door is being closed, it is the car that hit it's fault, or rather the person driving that car. If the door was being opened, it is the person opening the door.

How do you adjust car door windows?

there is no said adjustment on car windows.what kind of car is needed and year to help answer questions like this

How do you adjust car side mirrors?

This is my way and it eliminates blindspots without the use of any other add ons. First, adjust your rear view mirror and make a note of what you see in each corner behind you. Then adjust your outside door mirrors to show what you saw into the corner of the mirror closet to you. It takes a little getting use to this and not all door mirrors will adjust to this point, but if you can, it is great!

How do you adjust a car door?

loosen #3 phillip head screws (2) on clasp on door pillar and push in to tighten door then re-tighten screws

What is the car door part that holds the door open and keeps it from closing on you as you get in?

The hinge or check strap will have the hold open detent.

How do you align a car door?

It depends on the door and the car. Some use specially designed shims, others slide and are adjusted by loosening the mounting bolts while others still are carefully "bent" as needed to adjust the door.

Can you adjust the hinges on a 1997 Monte Carlo?

Yes, a bodyman car readjust your door by manulipulating the hinges.

What causes you to have weird ticks like doing certain actions repeatedly such as opening and closing the car door seven times when you get in a car?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...?

When i am closing the car door suddenly you got the pain in left shoulder and left hand what are the reasons for the pain?

Because your a retard

When a car is locked by remote or key why would the rear door still open?

Something is wrong with your rear door and it is not closing properly in the first place. Your door lock actuator is broken, it will need to be replaced.

What is the scrap metal from a car door worth?

Very little.

The Dome lights stay on when out of car door ajar light on whwn in car?

there is a little plunger switch where the door closes (between the hinges) that will need to be cleaned or replaced...

Your car door scrapes on your fender when you open the door?

usually there are four bolts on the body side of the door hinges. you can loosing and adjust the door using trial and error method. Unless the door is really twisted or something it can be adjusted enough to fix this problem. hope this helps.

Adjust the governor on a club car golf cart?

How do you adjust the governor on a 2004 Club Car ?

How do you adjust the back doors on a 2001 VW Passat?

Open the door you wish to adjust and look at the body part of the car to which where the door latch mechanism attaches. It is a silver slab that has a U shaped piece to it. This is the striker and you must adjust it to allow the door to close flush to the car again. It will require a torx screwdriver (it looks like a star), and I believe it is size T25. Loosen both torx screws and reposition the striker a bit in, since the door is sticking out and you want to make the door flush. You can try putting on some Loc-Tite that basically hardens the screw into place so you won't have to do this again.

HOW TO open DOOR to get to the fuel cap please help?

There should be a small level or button on the drivers side of the car that will pop the little door open so you can put gas in the car.

How do you turn off the child safety locks on a 2005 Lincoln Town Car?

Should be little levers on the bottom of the door latches Should be little levers on the bottom of the door latches

How do you adjust a carburetor on a club car golf cart?

how do you adjust a carburetor on a club car golf cart?

Where would the door ajar switch be located on a 1995 Lincoln town car?

they are incorporated into the door latches ,if your door ajar stays on one trick is to soak the latches down with wd-40 and keep opening and closing the doors and it should go off..