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owners manual, page 122.


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I have a 1982 v45 magna and the timing chain is loose can it be adjusted thanks

It has a self tensioner, Most often you have to replace the chain it self if it is skipping time or is getting very loose.

It has an automatic adjuster on it. The issue comes when it becomes extended as far as it will go and the chain becomes loose and wears against the inside of the motor.

At the front of the center chain in an essentric . there are two bolts that need to be loosened . once they are loose take a hammer and a punch and gently tap the eccentric .one way will loosen chain the other way will tighten chain . the center chain needs to be as tight as you can get it .tighten the bolts and then adjust the front chain as tight as you can get it . there is also an eccentric for the front chain . then with the usual riders weight on the machine tighten the rear chain . with the weight on the machine leave one to one and a half inch slack in chain in the center of chain .

The Hawaiian Islands are the "hang loose" chain of shield volcanoes.

You should be able to fit two fingers between the section where the chain touches the swingarm. It should not be crushing your fingers. Adjust the chain until it isn't too loose or smashing your fingers at all. Make sure to lubricate your chain before and after every ride

Remove the cables from the battery posts. Remove the battery retaining wedges. This can be accomplished by turning the screws to the left. The battery will come loose. Lift the battery out.

A loose timing chain can only be repaired by replacing the timing chain . A loose timing belt means the belt is worn out or the tensioner is worn out. Replace worn parts.

Timing chain noise is most commonly coming from a loose chain. The tensioner could be loose or broken or the chain could be stretched. If the chain slips or breaks before you fix it, then not only will the engine stop running but you could cause serious damage.

If it is loose it can jump time which will cause poor performance. If it is loose it needs to be repaired immediately.

As far as adjusting the chain goes, to the right of the rear sprocket there will be a large concentric adjuster with slots in it. You'll have to loosen the two 6mm Allen head bolts on the swingarm just to the right of the adjuster. Then use a small wrench [turned sideways] and slip it in the slots of the concentric adjuster. If you push it forward, the chain gets loose. If you pull it back, the chain gets tight. You want to have about about 1 1/2" of play [up and down slack] in it when finished. Then tighten the Allen head bolts and you're ready to go !!

Loose timing chain? Loose heat shield on catalytic converter?

A loose timing chain can cause the 305 h to jump time. with improper time, the engine will not start.

If we loose them in a tightly timed sequence, our arrows will arrive in a chain.

Because it is a Honda with a tiny motor.

That just raises more questions. How do you know the chain is loose? and Why is the chain loose? There is usually a tentioner to keep it tight, is this bad? If the car runs it runs, but if the chain slips out of the gear teeth, you risk serious engine damage. That will be mutch more costly than just fixing the problem now. But in the end, yes you can.

Cannot tighten, Replacement is the only fix for loose transfer case chain.

Loose nut behind the wheel. Loose nut behind the wheel.

Corky and White Shadow - 1956 Outlaws on the Loose 1-15 was released on: USA: 20 February 1956

Loosen the rear axle nut. Next, loosen the nuts that lock the wheel adjusters and look for the notches that tell you the position of the wheel telative to the bike frame. Move the wheel back a bit until you are sure the chain has the optimal tension. Make sure the wheel is not skewed to either side by looking at the notches on either side. Get a torque wrench to fasten the wheel in place at this point. The chain must have a bit of slack, it should never be totally stretched out. You should have about 1.5 inches of vertical chain movement when you push it up. Clean the chain with WD40 or some thin oil that you then wipe off. Now apply chain lubricant or simply engine oil to the chain. Take a test drive on the bike, then check if the wheel is tightly in place and that the chain has the tension you want.

it is when the back of the ATV gets loose

out of its col are if loose or if is strong enough

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