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A 1970 Ford has a external regulator It's probably possible to adjust one by ajusting the contact points inside the regulator and I'm assuming it has a older style regulator but I don't think it will do much good. Replace the regulator. Disconnect the battery hook up the regulator hook battery up and boom it's polarized.

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Q: How do you adjust and polarize the voltage regulator in a 1970 Ford?
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Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1970 dodge dart?

Voltage regulator is located on the fire wall L/H side near you master cylinder

Where is voltage regulator located on 1970 Chevelle?

It is attached to the inside of the radiator support.

Where is the voltage regulator located for a 1970 Chevy Chevelle?

I think in 70, they integrated it into the alternator.

Where to locate the voltage regulator on a 1993 Chevy caviler?

Almost all GM alternators (circa 1970 and newer) have a fully integrated Delcotron alternator. The regulator is inside the alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1991nissan sentra?

Inside the alternator. Most cars produced since the early 1970's have internal voltage regulators. There are a few exceptions but the 1991 Nissan Sentra is not one of them.

Can you replace an alternator with a reg inside in a 1970 Pontiac gto?

the regulator is inside the alternator and yes you can take the alternator apart and just replace the regulator.

Does a vw have a voltage regulator on a 1970?

Look under the back seat, on the other side of the car from the battery. That's where VW put it at the factory. If you have a Motorola alternator, it's a little silver box. If you have a Bosch, or a generator, it's a black box.

How do you adjust the speed idle on 1993 Ford Falcon?

Ford stopped manufacturing the Falcon in 1970.

How do you fix a drivers side window that clicks instead of winding all the way up on a 1970 Bug?

Apparently after 36 years the window regulator needs some lubrication ! I removed the window and then the regulator and then lubed the whole of the regulator using a silicone spray. Fixed ! Getting the regulator and window back in the door was a whole other story.

When you adjust for inflation which is worth more 1908 penny or 1970 penny?

Based on standard postage rates, the 1908 Penny.

What are the three bits of tape on the window regulator for in a 1970 Bug?

Alrighty then ... The three bits of tape originally held some felt like material that is meant to sit in between the window regulator and other parts of the inside of the window like the bar from the quarter window. It does this in order to create a buffer between the regulator and the other bits so as not to obstruct the path of the regulator. When the path is obstructed the regulator wont operate properly. Moral ... replace all worn exterior weather stripping !

Why is my alternator light still on when I replaced my alternator and battery and regulator on my 1970 Ford Galaxie XL?

The regulator is not making a good ground to fender/firewall, or there is a good chance of broken wire between Regulator and Alternator. there is either 2 or 3 wires between them and possibly were mixed up, should be Field, Stator, and or Bat, allso some Alternators have ground wire be sure its in the right place or you may blow your new Regulator

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