How do you adjust emergency cable on a 2002 Kia Sportage?

i am not seeing any adjustment for this, i suspect it has stretched or probably one cable has come off its guider where it goes into the rear brake drum,check both drum guides to see if the cable is being guided correctly. The other thing is where the cable comes into the brake handle it attaches there. you can see it by shining a flashlight thru the passenger side of the brake handle slot you will see a nut on top ,make sure it is tight. To get good access to that you will probably have to take the cover off.check for routing there too

i found the procedure, take the cover off where the brake handle is,then crank car go in reverse braking 6 times ,this then clicks the auto adjusts in the back brakes. Also the nut you see where the brake handle attaches ,turn that adjusting turn on the ignition key and pull up the parking brake 1 notch and see if the parking brake light comes on,then drive car forward after releasing parking brake check for dragging brakes, if not your good to go.