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How do you adjust rear disc brakes on a '97 Chrysler Concord?

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You need pictures to show you how. Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

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How do you adjust the rear brakes on a 2001 crown Victoria?

There is no adjustment on disc brakes. Replace them.

Are the rear brakes on a 96 Chrysler town and country drum or disc?

There drum, the front are disc and rear are drum

How do you adjust brake imbalanced?

We would need to know what type of brakes you have... S-cam air brakes, air disc brakes, air piston brakes, air wedge brakes, hydraulic drum brakes, hydraulic disc brakes... they're all different.

How do you adjust the front disc brakes on a 2000 Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive?

disc brakes are self adjusting unless the pads are bad or the caliper is bad.

How do you replace 1988 Chrysler LeBaron brakes?

Front or rear.. disc or drum type..??????????

How do you adjust brakes on Mitsubishi fuso truck?

Need to know what brake system you have, e.g., hydraulic disc, s-cam foundation air brakes, air disc brakes, air piston brakes, etc. All are available on different Fuso products.

How do you adjust the brakes on a 97 Chevy Blazer?

The front brakes are disc brakes and are self adjusting. The rears are drum brakes and are also self adjusting providing the self adjusting mechanism is in working order.

Disc Brakes?

form_title= Disc Brakes form_header= Repair or install disc brakes. Do you need new brake pads?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for disc brakes?*= _ [50] When were your brakes last checked?*= _ [50]

How do you adjust breaks on 91 topaz?

You can only adjust the rear " brakes " the front have disc. If you have never done this, find someone who can help. It's not that its a hard job, just have to know what u r doing with brakes.

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2000 Pontiac grand am gt?

I have a 2000 pontiac grand am gt 3.4 auto trans with rear disc brakes how do i adjust the emergy brakes no adjustment under car how is is done?

How do you check and adjust the disc brakes on a 2004 Dodge Stratus?

Remove the wheels and judge the thickness of the brake pads. There is no adjustment on disc brakes. You will normally wear out 2 sets on the front before you wear out one on the rear.

State two advantages of disc brakes compared to drum brakes?

Disc brakes are not subject to "fade" which occurs when drum brakes overheat and lose the ability to stop, another advantage of disc brakes is that they tend to stop in a straight line unlike drum brakes which often "pull" to one side. Yet another advantage of disc brakes is that they self adjust by drawing brake fluid in behind the piston while it is common for the self adjusters in drum brakes to seize due to corrosion then the drum brakes quit adjusting then the brake pedal goes lower and lower.

What year did they start disc brakes on jeep?

Wagonners, pickups, and the Jeepster had disc brakes in 1972. The CJ did not get disc brakes until 1977.

How do you adjust the rear brakes on a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

Are the rear disc brakes or rear drum brakes? If they are disc brakes, ther is no adjustment. If they are drum brakes, you adjust them by backing up and hitting the brakes. Do it in an empty parking lot. If they are drum style brakes, simply put the van in reverse, and accelerate backwards about 10 feet, and jam on the brakes.. repeat a few times and the auto-adjusters will tension the shoes against the drum properly accounting for the pads thickness, or lack thereof. If they are disc brakes, you have no capability to adjust them without removing the wheels, the calipers, and "shimming" the pads so they are thicker inside the caliper. If your pads are to thick, then you have the wrong pads, and if they are to thin to shim out, and safely stay inside the caliper, then yours pads are worn and needing replacement.

What is the function of disc brakes?

Disc brakes stop a vehicle more efficiently than drum brakes.

How do you adjust the brakes on a 2002 Yamaha ttr 125 they are the drum brakes?

Only the rear brakes are drum brakes. The front brakes are disc brakes. To answer your question, twist the end wing nut by your drum brake. It tightens and adjusts how much you have to press on your rear brake lever.

What GM cars in or around 1965 came with rear disc brakes?

Four-wheel disc brakes were introduced in 1965 on the Corvette. Some AMC vehicles had Disc Brakes, and the Studebaker Avanti also had Disc Brakes. I know of no other American vehicles in 1965 with disc brakes. FYI, the 1948 Tucker had Disc Brakes as standard equipment. Only 51 examples were ever made.

Can you replace pad brakes with disc brakes?

pad brakes are disc brakes, it's known as changing brake pads for disc setup and changing brake shoes with drum brake setup.

Does a Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

On a Ford Explorer : There are disc brakes on the front and ( starting with the 1995 model year ) there are disc brakes on the rear also ( instead of drum brakes on the rear )

How do you adjust the power brake pedal in a 1967 Chevelle?

If you have drum brakes make sure they are adjusted properly. Adjust so they are just locked and then back off adjuster 5 notches. If you have disc brakes, make sure that caliper slides are not frozen

Are disc brakes the best bicycle brakes?

Depends on what you mean by best. Disc brakes tend to offer the most braking power for a given amount of force applied at the lever. But a disc brake setup is heavier and has poorer aerodynamics than caliper brakes. And disc brakes wear faster than drum brakes, roller brakes and band brakes. Disc brakes are not as well sealed as drums or rollers, so performance will still be slightly weather dependent.

What is the correct tire size for a 1966 Chrysler Newport?

The rims were original 14 inch, but with factory front disc brakes 15 inch

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