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It's all about squeezing the brass friction ring on just one end or both ends. The ring that is part of the barrel is cone-shaped to always provide one level of squeeze on the brass ring. Always have the brass ring on top of the spring. The other loose ring provides added squeeze for firing heavy loads when you place it so the cone squeezes the other side of the friction ring. When shooting normal loads, flip it over so the cone side is away from the muzzle. Browning glued a diagram inside the forearm on some I have seen. Do not oil the magazine tube, let the friction ring do its job.


go to the borwning website for detailed instructions to properly install the rings (it is easy)

As always, the best source is the Browning website. Failing that, look at the diagram inside the fore end.

Failing that, unload your gun and put it on safe. Then put the butt on the floor and lock the breach back. Push down on the barrel and unscrew the magazine tube end cap. Slowly release pressure on the barrel and carefully remove it. DO NOT release the breach block till the barrel is back in place. Remove the fore end.

Now, you ALWAYS want the brass friction ring to have the heavier bevel toward the muzzle. If you are shooting normal loads the order from muzzle to butt should be as follows: brass friction ring with larger bevel toward muzzle, recoil spring, small friction ring with concave side toward butt (flat side against recoil spring).

If you are shooting magnum loads it should be as follows: brass friction ring with large bevel towards muzzle, small friction ring with concave side toward brass friction ring (flat edge always against recoil spring), and finally the recoil spring.

The only other thing I can say is that sometimes you do need to oil the magazine tube. That comes from the owner's manual. If the gun will not cycle you may have the friction rings set wrong, or the stock may rub against the barrel, or their may be too much friction against the magazine tube even though it is set correctly. Thus cleaning the friction rings, spring, and tube and subsequently oiling it can help it function. Do not oil if it is functioning properly or you may damage the gun, and use an oil that can stand low temperatures. Also keep in mind that oil attracts dirt so you will need to clean it often.

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Q: How do you adjust recoil rings on an A-5 Browning?
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There shouldn't be severe recoil with a Browning A5. Check the friction rings and make sure they are set for the correct loads: Light vs Heavy Loads. If the friction rings are set for light loads, and you are shooting high brass, then it will kick harder than it needs to be.

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They are not gas rings they are friction rings the A5 is a recoil operated shotgun . If you have all the rings in front of the spring it is set for highbrass loads. for light loads set the small ring next to the receiver with spring over it and the rest of the rings over the front of the spring reassemble the gun make the mag nut and forearm are on tight or you will split the forearm.

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