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How do you adjust the air fuel mixture on a 1988 BMW 320i?


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you have to purchase a new EPROM chip for your ECU!! it's all computer controlled!!! AT


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The fuel mixture is controlled by the computer and is not adjustable.

adjust the two fuel screws all the way in and adjust a half turn out until you get it right

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The CBR 100 RR is a fuel injected bike, you can not adjust the air fuel mixture, however if you change the exhaust you can sometimes get an aftermarket programmer that will re-map the fuel and timing. Hope this helps!

They are to adjust the air/fuel mixture.

Fuel mixture can not be adjusted it is computer controled.You can adjust the idle by removing the cover where throttle cable attaches to the throttle body and turning adjustment screw

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

You can't. The computer controls the air/fuel mixture depending the information it receives from various sensors. If one of the information it receives is incorrect, this can affect the air/fuel mixture.

Start at 1 1/2 turns from seat and adjust until you get the best idle

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how to adjust air fuel mixture on yamaha sh50? Is the screw an air screw (in to richen) or a fuel screw? (out to richen)

The fuel mixture on a Dodge 1500 with the 3.7L V6 is computer controlled and can not be adjusted with out a computer "programmer".The fuel mixture on a Dodge 1500 with the 3.7L V6 is computer controlled and can not be adjusted with out a computer "programmer".

You have to change out your Computer chip, flash your PCM, or install a Computer modual (upgraded) to change the air fuel mixture. Your engine's fuel air mixture is controlled by a computer, so in order to change that you have to change one of the above.

you will need to have your computer reprogramed to adjust timing,fuel mixture etc

That's a fuel injected car, so you need to take it to a dealer/ mechanic with the right diagnostic equpment.

Very high (higher than 318i) consuption for 320i's for very little gain. The extra weight in the inline 6 cylinder 320i, means that the extra power it generates is wasted on the extra weight in the engine. So performance figures are very similiar, but fuel consuption for 320i is significantly higher.

Adjust the fuel/air mixture, ensure you have an unclogged air filter/air cleaner.

If your engine has electronic fuel injection, there is little the home mechanic can do to adjust those items. You will need the proprietary software (and the machine) to do any reprogramming of the fuel to air ratios when the onboard computers are controlling such things.

Too much air to fuel mixture with your carburetor, adjust the carb settings to allow for more fuel to enter the chambers.

If it has a carby there is a sealed mixture screw on the right side looking from the front. Drill out the the plug and the screw is behind it be careful not to damage carb

I don't think you can adjust it. I think the computer controls it. If you're having an idle problem it may be the TPS sensor or a tune up.

The fuel to oil ratio for a 1988 model, 8hp Johnson outboard, would be 50:1, six gallons of fuel, to one pint of two cycle oil.

usally on holleys ther either on the side of front or secondarey fuel bowles depending on series sometimes at rear of base plate

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