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you have one of two problems. either you have a bad gauge or a bad sensor. I would go to a pick and pull junkyard and get a new sender off of a car at the junkyard, if that does not help, I would go back to the junkyard and get the gauge of another car and replace it. This will solve your problem Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaims have issues with the temp sensor. Also, you could have a leaking head gasket which is my current problem on my 94 Spirit.

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Where is the thermostat located at on a 95 accord EX?

next to the dashboard next to the dashboard

How do I remove dashboard on 2006 Toyota 4Runner?

you have look for the dashboard unions behind the thermostat control under the compartment

What does a faucet like means in the dashboard?

Coolant light, meaning low coolant, or overheating.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1998 Lincoln Continental?

The 1998 Lincoln Continental has a thermostat which measures the internal temperature of the engine. This is displayed on the dashboard.

What does the temperature light on a dashboard mean?

If it comes on it means the temperature of your engine is too hot. Your engine is overheating.

A 1990 Ford Taurus 3.0 liter gauge shows cold but it is over heating how do you check the heat sensor thermostat and dashboard gauge and what else could be the problem?

The gauge reading has nothing to do with the overheating problem. Misleading and irritating yes, but not involved in causing it.See "Related Questions" below for discussion on replacing the temperature sending unit, and also a comprehensive diagnostic guide for overheating problems.

2000 Pontiac Sunfire has no heat?

If the car is running OK, not overheating or anything like that, I'd say that either you have a faulty heat control, or you need a new thermostat.Checking the control will mean digging into the dashboard to see what has failed.Changing the thermostat isn't a terrible job. You might, however, pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car at your local big box parts store. They are remarkably helpful!

Warning lights on dashboard of Honda City?

The warning lights on the dashboard of a Honda can mean different things including low oil pressure and overheating. There are Honda City dealers across the country that can use diagnostic tools to determine the cause.

If the dashboard temperature gauge in a 1991 Honda Accord stopped moving and the air that comes into the cabin is only slightly warm what could be the problem?

Defective thermostat. Service the cooling system and replace the thermostat.

Where is the thermostat sensor for a 1999 mercury villager?

If you're talking about the sensor for internal temperature it's in the dashboard next to where the shift lever is.

What fuse controls the thermostat sets and the dashboard instrument cluster on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

I have a 97 and found that the "chime" fuse kills all of that.

Why is water leaking from the undercarriage on the passenger side under the dashboard area?

you probably need a new thermostat, remove the one you have then get a new one asap.

Why cant you get any heat in your 1995 ford van you have change the water-pump radiator heater core and thermostat?

problem will be in heat control switch in dashboard

Warning lights on dashboard for fiat punto explained?

There are different warning lights. Some will be for low gas, low coolant, or overheating. If these lights show up, look through your manual to find out what is wrong.

What do the warning symbols mean on a shogun dashboard?

The red water warning symbol indicates the cooling system is overheating. The red oil can is an indication the oil is low. The amber gas dispenser is an indication the gas is low.

How do you find the dashboard fuses?

by the dashboard!!

Why is the engine overheating belts persistently squealing and heat gone?

To give some additional information, it is a 2000 Hyundai Elantra and this morning after warming up for 20 minutes the belts still squealed the entire drive to work (about a half hour). I thought I smelled burning rubber at one point. The heat went out and only resumed if I stopped it and started it again a few minutes later. The power windows go up and down but really slowly. The lights on the dashboard were very dim. Then right before I got to work I saw that my engine was overheating. Thermostat replaced in June. Could it be one of the belts needs replaced?

What do Americans call a dashboard?

The dash or the dashboard.

What is the name for a cars dashboard?

Answer A car's dashboard, is sometimes known as a HUD, AKA Head Up Display, otherwise, as far as i am aware, a dashboard is a dashboard.

What do the symbols on the dashboard mean On your 1985 astro van?

The yellow covered gas dispenser is an indication of low fuel. The red battery is an indication of a charging system problem. The red high water symbol is an indication of the cooling system overheating.

How do you remove the dashboard on a Toyota tazz?

How do I remove the dashboard.

Why is your dashboard peeling up?

The sun bakes your dashboard and causes the chemicals in your dashboard to evaporate (hence the film you get on the inside of your windshield). This dries out the dashboard and causes it to crack or peel.

What is a dashboard drummer?

A "Dashboard Drummer" is someone who keeps beat to a song playing on the radio/Ipod, etc, by using the dashboard, like a drumset. Hense the term "Dashboard drummer?

How do you change the dashboard bulb on a vauxhall omega?

To change the dashboard bulb on a Vauxhall Omega, unscrew the fittings of the dashboard. Twist off the dashboard bulb and replace with new bulb.

Where should I go to replace my dashboard cover?

The best place to replace a broken dashboard cover would be to go to the manufacturer where you bought your car. Another option would be to look for the same dashboard online and replace the dashboard yourself. I suggest not going out and buying a used dashboard for you do not know the condition of the dashboard.