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Without seeing it it is impossible to correctly diagnoise. Take it to a garage.

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Q: How do you adjust the choke on a 1986 F-150 with new carb 1 brl. that does not set to start but stays closed?
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1986 Chevy pick up 350 the choke light stays on or dims a little but don't go out gas mileage sucks whats the problem with the choke?

The "choke" light comes on to warn you that the choke is malfunctioning. Sucking gas mileage sure sounds like the choke is "on" all the time. That's why the light stays on. choke is wired in series with the oil pressure sending unit,had the exact same problem with my 84, replaced the oil sender which is mounted on the side of the engine block and all is good now

Does the auto choke stay on the whole time the car ison?

No. Most, if not all, auto choke systems work off the temperature of the engine (usually the intake manifold). When the engine is cold, the choke provides a richer fuel mixture to aid starting and help smooth running. As the engine temp increases, the choke should slowly open. If the choke stays 'closed', fuel consumption will increase drastically, the engine's cylinders will become choked, the spark plugs may become coated with soot and fail to spark and the exhaust may emit smoke.

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How do you wire up an electric choch on a 4 barrel carb?

run a hot wire that becomes and stays hot when key is turned on. most chevy's had a oil pressure switch that had three prongs on it when engine was started and the oil pressure closed the switch then it put power to the choke. you can come off the fuse block with a wire because there are extra terminals there that are hot with the key on

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