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The window tract is not really adjustable. Usually the regulator and/or cable go bad, and you need to replace the thing as a unit.

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There are adjustment screws on the lift system on the dorr windows.

They are located in two positions on the track. You will have to remove inside door panel. Tward the rear of door there are two nuts on screws that have a hex broached into them. Loosen nuts (14mm I think) turn set screw with hex key to achieve desired result. (I do not remember turning which way does what) You will have to hold the set screw with the hex key while re-tightening the nuts.

This operation will adjust where the top of the glass makes contact with the rubber seal around the door opening.

Keep the pigtail plugged in the the window operation button. You can hang the door panel on the door the test you settings.

Good Luck, Da Moo

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Q: How do you adjust the door window on a 1994 Dodge Stealth?
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