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if you're having a gap between your door and frame, check your hinges to see if the bushings or pins are wearing out. this is pretty common with Chevy s-10s and blazers. go to your local body shop and it'll cost you approx $25 to fix (you have to replace the pins and bushings and this problem should be solved). or if you have a few friends who are willing to hold the door up for you while you replace them stop into your local parts store and pick 2 sets up, 1 for the top hinge and 1 for the bottom hinge. on my dad's sonoma his pin actually has fallen out from and the door pretty much will fall off one of these days. on my s-10 the top pins bushings are worn out and it tilts a bit. i talked to a friend who works at a gmc garage and he said if you don't take care of it, eventually it will bend your door frame so that it won't fit properly even if you decide to fix it. !

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Q: How do you adjust the driver side door on a 2001 Chevy Blazer to close tighter to the moulding so air will not be heard?
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How do you adjust the driver-side door on a 1992 F-150?

Try loosing the bolts that hold the hinge to the body. Just enough to raise or lower the door. Then tighten and adjust accordingly. You can adjust the striker bolt to get a tighter closing door. You loosen it and push it further back for a tighter fit or pull it out some for a looser fit. Hope this helps.

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Where is fuel gauge fuse on 1998 Chevy blazer?

The fuel gauge fuse on 1998 Chevy blazer is located in the front of the blazer. It is on the driver side next to the hook latch.

How do you fix driver seat 96 blazer?

It would depend on what is wrong with it.

How do you replace the front driver side seat belt on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

how do you replace seatbelt retractor on a 2000 chevy blazer

Charcoal box on a 2001 Chevy Blazer?

Behind Driver Side Wheel

How do you adjust the carburetor on a 2003 Yamaha YZ250F?

With a screw driver

What is a charcoal canister in a blazer?

it is in the radiator core support on the driver side under the headlight

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1985 Chevy Blazer S-10?

inside driver frame rail under driver seat

Where is the fuse for the fuel gauge on 1998 Chevy blazer?

The fuse box for the fuel gauge on 1998 Chevy blazer is located on the driver side. It is near the hook latch.

Where is the temperature sensor located on 2004 Chevrolet trail blazer?

Behind the alternator on the driver side!

S10 blazer breaker box?

open the driver side door. look on the side of the dash there it is

Which tool is used to loosen or tighter slotted screws?

Professionals would use a screwdriver

Firing order for 2000 blazer 4WD 4.3L engine?

The Chevy Blazer with a 4.3l engine has a firing order of 1-6-5-4-3-2. The number one cylinder is on the driver side closest to the front of the Blazer.

A driver must reduce speed and adjust to changing conditions in?

adverse weather

How do you adjust the driver side seat recline on 87 Olds Ciera?

I don't believe it is (driver-)adjustable unless you have power seats.

What size tires will fit on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

look on the driver side door the tire size should be 235x75x15 or 235x70x15 CAN A 31X10.5 r 15 FIT ON A 2000 bLAZER ?

What size tires fit 97 chevrolet blazer?

Look on the inside of your driver door it should say

Is the driver door from a 1999 Chevrolet s10 compatible with a 2001 Chevrolet s10 blazer?

It should be, yes.

What does electric mirrors in car do?

Allows the driver to adjust mirrors from the seating position he will be in when he uses them. Also allows him to safely adjust mirrors while driving.

When you adjust the driver side mirror you want to be able to see?

The ground adjacent to the bumper

96 blazer and the driver side seems to be about an 112 lower than the other is this a torsion rod problem and can you just adjust this?

If the driver's side seems to be about 1 1/2 inches lower than the passenger side on a 1996 Blazer, this could be a problem with the shocks. The shocks hold hydraulic fluid that sometimes dries up over time. Change both shocks and it should fix the problem.

Can you adjust driver-side seatbelt for larger person in 2004 trailblazer?

Not sure you can adjust it, but there is a dealer-available extension. I'm not sure it costs anything.

Where is the fuel filter for a 2002 blazer?

Under vehicle, driver side, below bed area, driver side of fuel tank, mounted on frame rail in fuel line.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 2004 Blazer?

Driver side behind alternator. You must remove alternator to change it