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the e-brake is actually inside the rear rotor housing. there is an access hole just like on regular drum brakes and you can turn the turnbuckle screw from there

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Where can one purchase brake discs?

One can purchase brake discs from a variety of stores. Stores such as AutoAnything, eBay, GSF Car Parts, Auto Parts Warehouse, and Walmart sell brake discs.

How many discs does a 2013 Camaro hold?

Depends on what kind of "discs" you're referring to... (compact discs? brake discs?)

How do i adjust the brakes on a 2001 explorer?

2001 explores should have discs all around, and are auto adjusting. If the pedal feels soft, you may need fluid, or bleed the system.

Where is the parking brake on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan with rear disc?

there are brake shoes in the discs too . just remove the discs and you will see them. they are applied by a cable.

Is copper grease sfe to spray on brake discs?

NO!! Do not put any grease on your brake discs, copper grease is used to put on the 'back' of the brake pads (not the part of the pad that comes into contact with the disc).

What is the operation of an integral drum brake parking brake?

Typically integral parking brakes are on rear disc braking systems. By activating the parking brake it adjusts the discs on the rear brakes. While the front discs are self adjusting, on the integral systems the rear discs are not self adjusting, thus the need for the integral parking brake system.

Why are your brake discs heating up?

The caliper might be sticking

Are brake discs covererd under waranty?

Only if they are defective.

How do you stop front brake vibration on a 1997 ford escort?

replace front brake discs and pads.

What is the average life of brake discs?

On my 2007 Sonata I had to replace the brake pads and rotors at 57000 miles.

Why cooling necessary for brake drum?

The friction of braking makes brake drums and discs very hot.

What are brake rotors made from?

Brake discs are made of very hard steel. Their pads are made of friction materials.

What is the purpose of the rear brake caliper?

to put the squeeze on your rear discs

How much does it cost to replace Mazda 3 MPS brake pads and discs?

Just cost me $1000, apparently they are not allowed to machine the discs?!!

What causes vibration through the staring column that stops when the brake pedal is pushed?

normally loose brake pads or discs

How do you adjust clutch on Kawasaki Nomad?

clicker on the lever, hydraulic clutches can not be adjusted. If adjustment is needed you need new friction discs. Can you adjust the brake pedal on your car.....NO, they're hydraulic as is the nomad's clutch. this is NOT correct - if you have hydraulic brakes with drums, the pedal can be adjusted by clicking the manual adjuster inside the drums!

Steering wheel vibrates when braking?

Most likely warped brake discs

How do you replace front brake discs on Audi a4?

By going to the nearest service!

You feel small vibration in your Nissan exterra 2004?

look at the brake discs

Why brake discs have drilled?

They are supposed to run cooler & decrease stopping distance.

How much do brake pads and discs for a peugeot 206 1.1 cost?


Does a VW Touareg use brake shoes or brake discs?

You should sell the VW Tuareg, the drum brakes cannot be replaces

What size is the torx screw on the rover 75 brake discs?

Hi just doing my rear discs and it needs a T50 to remove the screw, hope that helps

What is a rotor blade?

Rotor blades are on a helicopter. Brake rotors or discs are on the brakes of a vehicle.

How do you change rear brake discs on a vivaro?

take a trip down to kwik fit

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