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It's a bit hard to identify which Schwinn you're talking about, and they've used different stems over the year. But what looks like the most likely candidate has a threadless stem/fork, and those aren't as adjustable as the old quill stems.

What you probably have to do is to get another stem, either one called a riser stem, or an adjustable stem. They're fairly easy to put on, but you do need to get one for the right steerer tube/handle bar size. And you also need to know how to set the bearing preload, as this will go right out the window when you remove the old stem.

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You can't adjust the handlebar height without buying some extra parts. Specifically, you need to buy a threadless stem extender / riser. Any decent local bike store will carry them.

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Depends on what kind of stem it has, there are two to choose from. Check the posted link for the differences and how to work with them.

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Q: How do you adjust the handlebar height for a Schwinn Hybrid Tourist?
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