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Head lamps are adjusted from above. Do the following:1. Open the hood2. Look on top by the head lamps you should see two service holes (one outer and one inner) where you will see a plastic adjustment screw which requires a hexagon wrench or a flathead screw driver that fits.Note the outer alignment screw is the hole located on top eg. driver side head lamps outter being the hole on the right side. inner being the alignment screw located in the hole on the left side of the driver side head lamp assembly.3. lateral adjust/ horizontal adust is the right side hole.(which way to turn I've forgotten try incremental trial and error til you determine which way is left and which way is moving the beam to the right)

4. vertical adjust is the adjustment screw located on the leftside of driver side headlamps assembly from above. turn counter clockwise to raise and clockwise to drop. its been awhile so I'm not quite sure .

5. passenger side lateral and vertical adjust is symetrical. remember outter hole from above is lateral adjust and inner hole to the right in this case for passenger side is vertical adjust.

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Q: How do you adjust the headlights on a 2002 VW Passat?
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