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How do you adjust the idle on a 2001 Toyota Camry?


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February 17, 2009 10:40PM

The idle on the early "2000's" (up to 2006) is controlled by the Engine Control Computer / Engine Control Unit (ECC/ECU) and is not adjustable. If you are experiencing what appears to be an unusually low idle: # Have you recently disconnected the battery (or had it discharge), or did you recently re-set the "Check Engine" light with an OBD-II scan tool?

# A lower-than-normal idle is expected when you reset the ECU as it needs to re-learn the settings for your engine again. # The idle should improve after the first 10-15 miles of driving and the re-learning process will be finished after about 50 miles. # If your idle is REALLY low - to the point of stalling - you may need to go to the dealer and get a firmware update. Cost: About $100. # Does your car experience a period of poor idle - every once in a while for no apparent reason?

# If this happens infrequently - depending on the mileage driven - this is normal since the ECU periodically re-calibrates itself. # If your idle is exceptionally low during these periods, you may need to check for a firmware update. # Is your car idling poorly almost all the time?

# If your car is idling/performing poorly pretty much all the time, you should arrange to have it examined by a competent technician trained in the peculiarities of the Toyota systems.