How do you adjust the idle on an 1994 F250 truck 460 engine?

first of all did this engine come in this truck but to answer your question

if it is a carb turn both screws in all the and turn them out 21/2 turns

if it's fuel injection it's a screw in the throttle position area turn that screw

good luck

Hi If this vehicle is fuel injected My 91 f250 with a 460 is. The idle isn't adjustable,the idle is controlled by the computer ,the computer gives a signal to the Idle Air Control Valve,it is located just under the throttle body and bolts to the intake with two 8mm head bolts,it has a two wire plug at the end.This valve either needs cleaning or replacement. Many times cleaning does the trick; remove use a libral amount of carb and choke cleaner,the use some pb blaster to lubricate the slide inside.Or the valve is around 65 bucks and just replace it.

Don't start turning screws on the throttle body,these settings(min

imal air setting) are done at the factory and usually have blue lock tite on the threads.

This fix should be pretty simple and this way your truck will be back to speck

Take care