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Temp/speed displayThere should be a small button on top of the turn signal lever on the left side of the steering wheel. Push that down and it will change from speed to temp. Hope this helps...

[EDIT] This is only true if you have the optional trip computer, if you do not have this option installed that display will only show outside temperature.

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How do adjust my LG refrigerator to display the temperature in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius?

Press and hold the "Refrigerator" and "Freezer" buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

How do you get god mode on split screen?

To get a good display in split screen you might want to adjust your display. To adjust the display to to the administrative console and select display. Change the display and view the changes. If you want to save the changes hit the save button.

How do you adjust refrigerator temperature setting dial?

You adjust the temperature by turning the knob on the thermometer.

How do you adjust the temperature on your True fridge?

adjust the true thermostat

For laptops you can adjust the brightness of the display using keys?


What keys do you use to adjust the brightness of the display for laptops?

The function keys.

Can you adjust the temperature on the thermostat?


How can you adjust the brightness on radioclock display of a Renault scenic?

To adjust the brightness of the radio clock display on the Renault Scenic, simply turn the wheel control adjuster that is next to the headlamp adjuster. This is located to the right of the steering column on the dash.

Can I adjust the Microwave from low to high cooking temperatures?

Yes you can adjust the cooking temperature that this microwave will use.

How do you adjust the brightness of the dashboard display on a Renault scenic?

To adjust the brightness of the display you should find a wheel control the same as the headlamp adjuster right next to the said adjuster. You will find it forward of your right knee to the right of the steering column on the dash.

Does a guitar have to adjust to room temperature?

To stay in tune,yes.

How dogs adapt in cold area?

They adjust their body temperature to it.

How do you adjust tub faucet temperature?

With combos of hot/cold combined. To adjust overall hot, you can do so at water htr.

Intrigue heater motor comes on at will?

Check and make sure you don't have the "Auto" option selected on your Heating and Air conditioning control panel. This feature lets the car "automatically" turn on or off to adjust the temperature in the cabin to the temperature set on the display. To turn it off, just press the "Off" button.

What does illumination wire mean on car stereo?

The illumination wire on a car stereo is meant for the brightness on the display. It is used to adjust the brightness of the display for seeing it during night hours.

How do you operate the heater on a 1995 jaguar xj6?

Push the rotary fan switch in to activate the system, the selected temperature will be shown in the LCD display to the right of the fan switch. The toggle switches directly below the LCD display raise and lower the selected temperature (blue for cooler & red for warmer) then select the desired vents from the illustrated push buttons, they will show a red LED light when active. OR select the desired temperature and simply push the "Auto" button and it will automatically adjust vents and fan speed as necessary to maintain your preset temperature

Were do you find the temperature control unit on a 1999 ford expedition?

To answer your question are you referring to your A/C and Heating temperature control unit? The temperature control which is next to the A/C control knob which you adjust the temperature from cold to hot? When you adjust it between cold and hot it opens a blend door via blend door motor to get the desired temperature.

Does the heads up display use a certain window?

The windshield in line of sight of the driver with no provision to adjust otherwise

How do you adjust your tablet sensitivity?

Adjusting the sensitivity on a tablet is easy. All you have to do is go to your setting and go under display.

How do you adjust the speed of your spyder paintball gun?

There is an adjustment knob on the back end of all spyder guns. You adjust it with an Allen (hexagonal) wrench. clockwise is higher velocity, counter clockwise is lower.

Why would you get temporary goose bumps in the sun?

Your body is trying to adjust to temperature.

Which item under the System Preferences window allows you to adjust when the computer and display enter sleep mode?

energy saver

How would you adjust the temperature to increase the amount of product?

Increasing the temperature would shift the equilibrium to the right and increase the amount of product.

How do you change fps on an ion paintball gun?

On an Ion you adjust the Regulator with the proper wrench. Clockwise to increase, counter clockwise to decrease On guns with rear adjustment (azodins) you screw the back plate in with the proper Allen key clockwise to increase and counter clockwise to decrease. This is also how you adjust the regulator. On a Tippmann you screw the velocity screw with the proper Allen key. Clockwise to decrease, counter clockwise to increase.

How do you adjust the temperature to colder in a refrigerator?

It depends on the refrigerator - instructions differ by brand and model. There is usually a circular dial or a digital display on the top of the fridge. Turning the dial downwards or pressing the minus (-) button reduces temperature. Without knowing the brand and model, that's all the information I can give you. Refer to the manual you should have got with the refrigerator.