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On the back of the watch you can stick your fingernail (or a very small screwdriver) under the little thumbscrew and push it up. Then you can set the watch by turning the thumbscrew. When finished, push the thumbscrew back down. You can also check the site: but for most pocketwatches you have to pull out the turning mechanism that is right next to the button that opens the watch so you can see the time. Just pull it out all the way and change the time, Half way to change the date.

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How do you adjust the time on relic watch?

Pull the adjustment dial, located on the right side, all the way out and twist it. Push it back in half way and you can adjust the date. Push it back in all the way so your date and time does not get messed up.

What was the purpose of the pocket watch?

to tell what time it was

How do you find the pocket watch on Poptropica?

There is no pocket watch on Poptropica. There is a watch-like time travel device on Time Tangled Island. You will enter the lab of Professor Pendulum and plug in his Future Machine to travel to the future.

What movie has a person stopping time with a pocket watch?

Clockstoppers :)

Does a pocket watch make the perfect father's day gift?

A pocket watch is a perfect Father's Day gift because it will last for all time. He will always remember you when he looks at the time.

Meaning a hanging pocket watch tattoo?

A hanging pocket watch tattoo doesn't have a set meaning. It could mean anything from having time on your hands too remembering an important point in your life....or it could just be a pocket watch

What is the phone number for relic watches?

i have a under water relic watch . i cant get the light to work to see what time it is. no instructions. i think the model number is zr66023 ser # 1070908 .

How do you set a relic watch and it is not digital?

You pull out the crown once to change the date, twice the change the time

How do you change time from 24 hour to 12 hour on a watch?

Hi. This may work. My watch does not have an AdjustPush AdjustPush LightHope I helped!my

Why a pocket watch?

cos the wrist strap hadn't been invented yet. Wristwatches were not invented until World War I. A soldier did not have time to stop fighting and pull a pocket watch out to see what time it was.

How do you set westclox pocket watch?

Pull the crown of the watch upward and then turn right or left to get the desired time.

How do you adjust your watch from traveling from the eastern time zone to the central time zone?

subtract 1hour. Set your watch back 1 hours.

What is wrong with a relic watch if the time stops working but the background is still flashing?

There may be something wrong with the gears in your watch. A watch repair shop will be able to check it out and tell you what's wrong with it.

To kill a mockingbird symbol pocket watch?

In TKM the pocket watch that Jem and Scout find symbolizes the passing of time throughout the book, and also how Scout and Jem lose their innocence.

How do you set time on casio wr50m watch?

To set the time on a Casio wr50m watch, select normal time view from the mode button. Press the adjust button, and seconds begin to flash. Adjust the time with the start/stop button. Switch from seconds, minutes, and hours with the mode button. When the time displays correctly, press the bottom adjust button to set the time.

How do you get your watch to adjust From Daylight Saving Time to Eastern Standard Time?

The watches are "tuned in" to the atomic clock.

What is the wrist watch used for?

the wrist watch is used to keep time in a more convenient way than having to pull out a pocket watch and look at it.

Is there going to be a time mashine in the future?

Yes there is one. Its that little pocket watch thing.

How do you adjust the time on Nautica watch?

this is a old nautica watch the number in the back is 489756 help me find photo of is watch.think you

How much can you expect to pay on a gold pocket watch?

Depending on the type of gold pocket watch you want to buy, you can spend anywhere from around $50 to $400 or more on a new gold pocket watch. If you have the time and inclination, checking out eBay and other online auction sites will save you some money.

Why did peter henlein invent the watch?

Peter Henlein invented the pocket watch because he wanted it to be easier for people to tell time

If you travel to Cuba do you need to change your watch if you came from Canada?

No, you can keep your watch, but depending on where in Canada you are from, you may have to adjust the time to compensate for possibly different time zones.

Why was the pocket watch important?

Pocket watches are important because these watches can be easier to look at the time in the early 1500s, and keep workers to properly ensure that there will be no accidents

How do you set your pocket watch back for daylight saving time?

The pocket watch will have a 'crown' that will , usually , have two positions in which to set both the date and time . Gently pull the 'crown' up into one of the two positions and turn the crown to see which function is being affected - either the date or time . Set the watch and return the 'crown' to it's original position .

What is the best quality brand name pocket watch?

Pocket watch quality all depends on what you're willing to spend and what you need it for. If you need a watch to go jogging and time yourself, any brand will do, you can find cheap ones as low as ten dollars.