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there is a wire behind the plastic shroud on the passenger side of the firewall. THE WIRE MUST BE DISCONNECTED BEFORE ANY ADJUSTMENT CAN BE MADE. if you fail to do this step, the adjustment WILL be wrong. the wire is tan with a black stripe. it has to be disconnected before you start the engine. the spec is 0 degrees. again if you fail to do this step it WILL be wrong. then the clamp goes on the front spark plug wire on the drivers side and the battery clamps on the light go black to neative and red to positive. then line up the marks the clamp goes on number one cylinder and while it's running, turn the distributor until the mark lines up on the damper......if ya don't follow this very well.....get help. or you'll end up paying for it later

Actually on a 1995 the wire should be under the dash on the passenger side of the truck

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Q: How do you adjust the timing on 1995 Chevy with a 350 V8 using a timing light?
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Do you need to unhook your vacuum advance when using the timing light?

YES! Any time you adjust the timing you should disconnect the vacuum advance.

Why can't you see the timing mark on the pulley when timing a Chevy 350 with a mallory HEI distributor while using a timing light?

perhaps crank pulley has slipped from original position

How do you set the timing on a 1992 ford f150?

The timing is set by timing marks on the crankshaft pulley. Using a timing light the light will sync with the engine and show if the marks line up properly. To adjust the timing the distributor is turned slightly. There is a clam and bolt under the distributor, loosen these just a bit to be able to move the distributor.

1985 Chevy how do you set the ignition timing without using the timing marks?

You dont.

Timing marks for 1997 Chevy Tahoe 5.7l?

this site takes to long when we are stressed out i just need timing marks for 5.7l Chevy engine Timing mark is located on the balancer using a timing light aim at the balancer and the straight edge inscribed will show up set at about 6 dgrees before TDC

If the timing is off in a '92 Mercury Topaz how do you fix it?

the timing is usually set by adjusting the distributor and using a timing light on the number one cylinder and pointing the light at the harmonic balancer on the bottom of the engine crankshaft pulley,the timing mark on thr balancer should be marked on the correct degree for example 10 degrees before top dead center. as the distributor is turned the timing on the light will adjust to the balancer . to get the correct timing look under your hood for a sticker that has timing and sparkplug gap specs.

How do you install a distributor in a 1979 Chevy Silverado?

The is to Bring the engine to TDC ( Top Dead Center ) you can do this by removing the drivers side valve cover and watching the intake valve.. crank over the engine until that rocker arm opens then closes... also there is a timing hash and timing mark on the timing cover, and harmonic balancer. once this is done set the rotor on the distribur so that once it is in the motor it points the Cylinder #1... then install dist cap, then adjust timing using a timing light.... Hope this helped...

When I start my Chevy 350 it knocks?

Check your timing... it sounds like it's too advanced. As far as I know, you tilt your rotor to change it (using a timing light to measure off the timing belt) or just use premium gasoline (the rumor is that it detonates slower).

How can you check the timing on a 1999 grand marquis?

The timing must be checked using a timing light. Most mechanics have one.

How do you check the timing on a 1989 ford tempo using a timing light?

Find timing marks 1 on cranshaft and a staionary one mounted to engine around crankshaft area Highlight appropriate mark with chaulk Disconnect #1 spark plug and install timing light between plug wire and spark plug Connect timing light to battery terminals Disconnect and plug vacuum advance line if so equipped Start engine and observe spark flash on timing marks Adjust distributor accordingly to align marks

How do you set the distributor?

Adjusting the distributor sets the ignition timing. To set timing you need to align the timing marks as specified by the manufacture using a timing light.

How do you set the timing on a 1984 Chevy S-10?

If the engine is EFI you must unplug the 4 wire plug behind the distributor before starting. Then rotate the distributor while using a timing light to the correct position. If the engine is NON EFI then you must unplug the vaccum line from the distributor and adjust the same way. You should plug the line off to avoid a high idle situation as well..

How do you set the sensitivity of a light dependent resistor?

using a variable resistor we can adjust the sensitivity of a light dependent resistor

Why would a 1991 Chevy astro van start but when using the brakes it dies and won't restart?

Timing belt.

How do you adjust the timing on a 1981 Jeep CJ5 from the distributor cap?

- Do not adjust timing on anything from the distributor cap. You can adjust timing by moving the distributor. - You need a timing light and timing needs to be at top dead center to start. Then make a visible mark on base of distributor and engine block so you know where distributor was when you started. That's in case you need to start over. - Loosen the bolt that holds the distributor. Only loosen it enough to move the distributor. - Now hook up the timing light, being careful not to get hit by fan, or caught in the fan belt. Aim the timing light at timing marks on the front of motor. You may need a second person to move the distributor for you. This gets moved very slowly, a tiny amount at a time. - Using white out, color the correct timing line on front of engine so it will light up when using timing light. - Start the engine while watching the light on the timing marks. You can tell the other person how much and which way to move the distributor. Move only until the marks are lined up . - When it is correct it will look like the light is on all the time. When the distributor is in the correct position tighten the bolt that holds the distributor. - After doing this, if the engine is backfiring, and you have previously had the distributor removed from the engine, it is most likely because the distributor is installed 180 degrees wrong. - To correct the backfiring remove the distributor bolt, rotate the engine top dead center on the number one piston. If the rotor at this time is not pointing at the number one plug lead then carefully lift the distributor from the engine enough to rotate the rotor 180 degrees. Then re-insert the distributor and try timing from start again.

How do you adjust ignition timing on 2000 Honda civic Si?

Typically on most motors, and on all B series motors, adjusting the timing requires a timing light hooked to your cylinder #1 spark plug wire and the light pointed at the crank pully. Each time the spark plug fires, the timing light will flash and you will see a mark on the crankpully. To adjust the timing, you loosen the 3 bolts holding the distributor to the motor. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT TO DO THIS, just loosen them enough so that with some force you can spin the distributor fore or aft of the car. I believe that you can adjust up to 5% of the timing either way by using this method, but i do not recommend doing this unless you are trained, or have some experience, and the right tools. You will see the timing mark change relative to the Top Dead Center mark either to the front (advance i believe) or back (retard) depending on how you move the distributor. Again, I do not recommend doing this without the proper tools, education, or experience.

98 Chevrolet Silverado 43 Vortec Installed a new long block assy Now will not start Acts like timing advanced too far but can't adjust timing?

Adjust the distributor and check your wires to see if installed backward. Take it to a mechanic, and they will hook it up to a programmer and adjust it using the computer and some slight turning.

How do you see a clear image using a light microscope?

Adjust the coarse focus as best as possible and then adjust the fine focus knob til it looks really good

How do you set the clock in a 2007 Chevy Cobalt?

Hit clock symbol button then adjust using the right tuning knob. Thanks, Wes

How should the timing marks line up on a 1969 Ford 360?

The timing marks on a 1969 Ford 360 should line up between the timing chain and the cam sprocket. This sets the initial timing which can later be adjusted using a timing light.

How do you time an engine without a timing light?

An engine can be timed without a timing light by using the markings on the harmonic balancer. Each mark indicates 1 degree above or below top dead center.

How do you set the timing on a 1989 4 wheel drive Chevy pickup?

first i assume you have a timing light? if so you slightly loosen the 14mm (on most) bolt at the bottom of your distributor that holds it down and using the timing light point to the indicator marks on the harmonic balancer, then turn the distributor to the recommended factory setting, ( which i would need more info to tell you what it should be) new answer first you bring the vehicle to normal operating temp shut engine off disconnect the timing connector loosen the distributor bolt hook up timing light turn engine on set timing to zero shut engine off disconnect batery hook the connector back connect batery

Why would a car hesitate when eccelerating at higher speeds?

this has been a problem that has been going on from the beginning. the timing can not keep up with your foot. when you press the gas, the timing adjust to accommodate. G. M. has found a solution, VARIABLE TIMING. it adjust on the fly, it is hydraulic controlled, using the motor oil. it is not easy to work on, needs special tools and training, but it works great. this feature it part of the new VORTEC ENGINE.

How do you set the timing on a 1994 Honda Civic?

It is correct that the computer controls most of the timing on a 94 civic, however it is very necessary to have the base timing set correctly. If the base timing is off, your car will not pass smog, as this is a requirement (found this out today... 2 failed smog checks). To set the timing you must first find the jumper wires underneath the passenger side of the dash. Usually there is a blue connector. You hook these two wires together, using a paperclip or some conductive material to place the engine into base timing (it factors out the computer completely). From there you use a timing light like you would normally. sensor to #1 plug wire, power to battery. There are timing marks on the crankshaft pully. Point the light at the pulley and pull the trigger, then adjust the distributor to get the timing to specs (my car is 12 + or - 2 degrees btdc).

How do I time the engine on a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

Timing is done by the computer using the sensors. The only way to adjust the timing is by buying a new computer chip and reprogramming it. If the engine is running poorly it is very un-likely it is a timing issue. More likely a bad coil pack or bad sensor.