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How do you adjust the torsion bar ride height on a Peugeot 106 and what the special tools are required to do the job?


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2008-03-10 11:11:00
2008-03-10 11:11:00 Good luck matey


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go to this website and slowly scroll down to Isuzu Torsion bar adjustment that is where you should find your answer to this question.

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as the rear is torsion it is not straight forward. the torsion bars have to be removed one side at a time, with the torsion bar out simply adjust hub the required amount and replace torsion bar. then do the other side. this can be hard as the bars can be difficult to remove. best left to professional should cost between £60-£100

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The Torsion bar is a suspension component. It essentially "twists" ever so slightly to adjust ride height. This is adjusted by a special tool specific to the manufacturer.

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you can only adjust the torsion bars(ride height) if you have adjusters installed in your beam.

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