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If you do not have the remote, or even if you do, try using the channel up/down buttons. These are the factory default buttons for adjusting the tracking for VCR's.

2006-08-05 23:13:37
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It has a 1 year, limited warranty that comes with every purchase from DaeWoo.

How do you eject a CD out of a CD player in a daewoo tacuma car?

Press the button...

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When blower comes on the windscreen wipers are faster then slow,and cd player turns on and off any explaination available could it possibly be that you have a short or wires loose and touching?

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How do you fix a CD player in a daewoo when you change the battery?

how can you get the code for the radio,cd to play? the code should be on nthe back of the radio if you can get to it.and sometimes its possible for it to be written in you car manual by previous owners.

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How do you set the password for a 1999 daewoo laganza sx CD radio player?

You go to the dealership and ask for the code. With proof they can put it in for you if they're nice with no charge and share it with you and keep it somewhere safe for the next time.

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