How do you adjust the valve on a 93 4runner V6 Eng?

the valves on this motor are adjusted by means of shims that go between the cam lobes and carriers which are also called buckets. the combination of the shim and bucket are pushed down by the cam lobe onto the top of each valve, thus opening the valve. adjusting the valves is a matter of measuring the clearence between the shim and cam (when the lobe is completely opposite the shim) if there is too much clearance a thicker shim must be used, if there is not enough clearance a thinner shim must be used. there is a chart in the repair manual because you not only have to know the clearance but the actual thickness of the shim so you can order the proper replacement shim. its not an easy job and is very time consuming. the intake plenum and cam covers have to be removed just to check them. if there needs to be an adjustment, you have to order a very specific shim size based upon very accurate measurement and calculation. good luck!