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How do you adjust toe 99 dodge?


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Toe is adjusted at the outer tie rod.

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You cannot adjust it, you have to replace the lever!

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Not without major modifications.

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Valves are self adjusting on the 5.2 and 5.9 2nd gen dodge rams. There is no need to adjust the lashings. Hand tight and they will adjust themselves.

Rear wheels are not adjustable. Front caster is not adjustable To adjust front front camber, loosen the spindle-to-strut bolts and tile the wheel manually. If greater adjustment is needed, a camber adjusting bolt kit is available from parts stores. To adjust front toe, loosen the tie rod jam nuts, then rotate the inner tie rod on each side to set toe.

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this question should be under dodge automobiles

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Yes, since you asked about the same year and engine for both.

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