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How do you again trust your boyfriend who wants you back but slept with your best friend behind your back 2 weeks after you broke up and doesn't know that you know?


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July 15, 2015 9:04PM

Although it may not seem fair that your ex boyfriend slept with your girlfriend, it's you that is wrong. Once you break up with you mate then they owe nothing to you so they can see and date whomever they want. However, I wouldn't be so mad at him as I would be at your friend. I have never dated one of my girlfriend's ex boyfriends because I thought it was rude and crude and I would never want to take the chance of hurting my girlfriend. If she had no problem, then it may be different.

There is no trust issue here. You and your ex were no longer going together so he can sleep with whom he wants. I will make a bet it was you that broke the relationship off and you are angry that he so quickly slept with someone else and it was like salt being poured into an open wound when he slept with your girlfriend. I think he was angry at you and wanted to get back at you.

I think it's time to sit and talk with your boyfriend and you take part of the blame as well. As you well know young men are at the height of their sexual prowess and some men will sleep with the "devil in a blue dress" if it meant satisfying themselves. If you love him, he loves you, then be mature and work it out! Be sure you let him know that cheating isn't an option if you decide to go together again.

Good luck Marcy

well that's a tuff one well it will be hard to gain he trust back because in the back of your mind you maybe think well should i trust him again? What if he does it again right well i know everyone thinks that at one point talk to him about it and talk to your best friend it will take some time to heal and to start trusting him again but talk to them