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Although it may not seem fair that your ex boyfriend slept with your girlfriend, it's you that is wrong. Once you break up with you mate then they owe nothing to you so they can see and date whomever they want. However, I wouldn't be so mad at him as I would be at your friend. I have never dated one of my girlfriend's ex boyfriends because I thought it was rude and crude and I would never want to take the chance of hurting my girlfriend. If she had no problem, then it may be different.

There is no trust issue here. You and your ex were no longer going together so he can sleep with whom he wants. I will make a bet it was you that broke the relationship off and you are angry that he so quickly slept with someone else and it was like salt being poured into an open wound when he slept with your girlfriend. I think he was angry at you and wanted to get back at you.

I think it's time to sit and talk with your boyfriend and you take part of the blame as well. As you well know young men are at the height of their sexual prowess and some men will sleep with the "devil in a blue dress" if it meant satisfying themselves. If you love him, he loves you, then be mature and work it out! Be sure you let him know that cheating isn't an option if you decide to go together again.

Good luck Marcy

well that's a tuff one well it will be hard to gain he trust back because in the back of your mind you maybe think well should i trust him again? What if he does it again right well i know everyone thinks that at one point talk to him about it and talk to your best friend it will take some time to heal and to start trusting him again but talk to them


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If your best friend ask for often about your boyfriend?

it may mean she likes him but my friend asks me, and she has a boyfriend (but then again, she used to like him...)

What happens if you like your best friends boyfriend?

your a bad friend and never talk to her boyfriend again

What do I do when my friend thinks that i am talking about her behind her back and I'm not?

first, you should tell her that your not, and if she doesnt believe you, then you should wait, or get proof that you haven`t. if that doesnt work, then wait some time and try again. but dont wait too long.

What do you do if you meet again your ex boyfriend and making friend with you again?

you should give it a chance...if he comes onto you end it!

What to do if you cheat on your boyfriend with a girl how to make him to talk to you again and go out with you?

tell him she was a friend or a cousin and ask him to go out with you again .

Why does your guy friend keep asking you time and again if you have a boyfriend?

because ha want's to be your boyfriend or he just want's to know

What should you do if your schizophrenic boyfriend is doing cocaine and said he won't do it again if it hurts you yet he did it again?

Try and get him help, and if he doesnt take it... walk away

Should you tell your friend that you slept with her boyfriend?

If you really are a friend, you don't and you don't sleep with the boyfriend again. Sleeping with him sure didn't make you one of her friends. That is considered a betrayal of friendship.

What does it mean if your ex-boyfriend says he wants to be your friend?

he probably still likes you then and he wants to be your friend and then maybe he will talk to you about going out with you again.

How can you make your boyfriend who has just lost his best friend in a car accident be happy again?

Pleasure him sexually.

19 year old boyfriend and I'm planning to runaway but not with my boyfriend but with a friend can my boyfriend go to jail or get in trouble?

He would probably get in big trouble and never want to see you again but its a risk you will have to take

What do you do when a your boyfriend who no one knows about doesnt talk to you can you ask out another guy?

It depends on what kind of relationship you had and how he would react and if you and him will ever talk again.

How do i get my boyfriend of two years trust back after cheating on him?

well if u rly like him and want his trust back u should talk to him about everything that happened and dont leave anythin behind...that way he knows ur rly tellin him the truth. and promise him that ur never gunna do it again. and be with him all the time so he doesnt get the wrong idea that ur cheating on him again. I tried this with my boyfriend and it rly worked

If you tell your friend your not mad right then your friend says right what does that mean?

I have had a few of these situations. Normally, It means that your friend doesnt believe you when you say that your not mad. But she could just be cranky with you and doesnt want to believe you or be your friend at the moment. I suggest, Leave her alone for about a week, let her blow off some steam. And then talk to her again.

How do you know if your guy friend accepts your appology?

He will just put it all behind him, he wont talk about it again

If you talk about a friend behind there back how do you make them your friend again?

You have to say how sorry you are, and how stupid you have been, and how much you miss not being friends. Then - simply hope!

What do you do if your best friend told you that your boyfriend is cheating on you but he says no?

You obviously listen to your best friend. your best friend wouldn't lie to you. unless your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend. if he is cheating on you, break up with him because once they cheat, they never change and will cheat on you again. there are plenty of other boys out there, no matter how much he loves you!

How can you hurt your boyfriend?

Date his best friend, pretend to like him then dump him, date him again then cheat on him, steal all his friends >:)

What do it mean if your ex boyfriend text your best friend and ask for your phone number again?

he may still like you and want to be with you

How do you get your ex-girlfriend to see she was wrong and come back?

ask her what do you think you did? then tell her what makes you think she is wrong for.ANSWERpersonally, i think that you should hint to her that you like her. if she doesnt have a boyfriends then you should flirt with her. show her that she was wrong about you even if you don't know what you did to make her want to go your seprate ways. when my boyfriend broke up with me i still really liked him but i didnt show it, i flirted with my friend who is also his friend, he couldn't take it anymore and finally asked me out again. now he is my current boyfriend again. hope this helped (:

What do you do if your dating a boy that you like and he dumps you and the next day asks you out but his friend already asked you out and you were going to go out with his friend?

If the boyfriend dumped you once, he'll dump you again. Go out with the friend. Do what your heart tells you.

What do you do to get your boyfriend back?

Well you could try to be a REALLY great "friend" and soon enough he might start loving ya again !! =)

Can you ever be friends with a guy friend again if you've slept with him 20 times but he was married and you guys got caught by your boyfriend who was his friend and told his wife?

No, you can't un-ring a bell.

When a girl cheats on her boyfriend with his friend why is it her boyfriend is more likely to forgive the friend and not the girlfriend?

== == * The way guys work it is that they feel that their friend is not going to lie to them no matter what. The girl would have not talked to boy again (unless she still had feelings for him, and she wanted to work it.) I know for a fact that the girl would not talk to the friend again because they feel that they had over stepped there boundaries. I would had kicked the guy to the crub. Then I would have told my friend before I told her off that she went too far and she knew I had mad feelings for him and even loved him. * He should have kicked his friend to the curb too. It's not normal to forgive a friend for such a thing and it shows that your ex boyfriend was immature and was willing to put the full blame on you knowing full well his friend could have formed the word "no" to you and respected his friendship with your boyfriend. Others will say "hey, if it's free sex any guy would go for it" but that's simply not true. I have a friend that was in love with his buddies girlfriend and he spread untrue rumors around about her and like a goof her boyfriend walked out the door without any explanation to his girlfriend. He believed his male friend! Later, he found out through the grapevine that his friend had lied to him. He went up to his friend, told him off and never bothered with him again! He then went and apologized to his girlfriend and they are back together again. Now that's normal.

I want my ex-boyfriend to trust me again because I still want to be with him but I don't know how to earn his trust again?

talk to him, try to be friends if that doesnt work ask him if he wants to hang out to gain his trust back.